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Jackson Hole Studio Gallery to be Open Summer of 2017…

Opening May 1st 2017 through October 31st

Come Visit Our Studio Gallery This Summer

Should you be traveling through Jackson Hole this summer please come visit me in my Studio Gallery.  We are easy to find as we are just south of the town of Jackson Hole located just off of the Snake River.  If you are looking for a pleasant afternoon and you want to explore something outside of Jackson Hole then take the journey south just 12 miles and view our art.

Please come spend a part of your day with Tim.  We are located just about on the mighty Snake River.  Take a walk along the river right from our property.  Enjoy a beverage complimentary on us.  In addition to Flutes some of Tim’s jewelry and local photography will be on display.  We can also ship any purchase to your home or business so you don’t have to take it with you.

Bison Herd Antelope Flats

Artist In Resident

We are in the process of negotiating for a couple of spots in the town of Jackson Hole where Tim will be the Artist In Resident at one of the local establishments.  This is still in the works but if and when we get this in the bag we will be posting days and hours you can find Tim in town.

Tim will also be crafting his art at our home studio gallery that will be open this summer.  Come visit with Tim and watch how some of his art is actually crafted by hand.  Everything will be available for purchase.

The Largest Selection of Flutes in Wyoming

Come see my collection of hand crafted award-winning Native American Styled Flutes here at our Studio Gallery on your next visit to Jackson Hole.  The entire selection of Native American Styled flutes are crafted by local award-winning artist Timothy Jennings.  We have fully completed flutes, flutes ready for final production (Available to customize), Flute Making Supplies and we will be taking commissions for the winter of 2017 – 2018.

How do you get here?

We will be posting complete instructions on how to get to our property as we get closer to May 1st.  We will post a video that will give you a taste of what you can expect to see on your journey.

If you are interested please contact me via phone @ (307) 690-0427 or email me @  Feel free to leave a comment to this post if this interests you… I would love to see you…

Images West Magazine Features Western Design Conference Artists…

imageswestmag_3Each year Jackson Wyoming is host to the Western Design Conference which opens the Fall Art Festival held each year in Jackson Hole.. WDC is one of the premier shows that features “Functional Art”. Every artist must be juried in to be part of the annual event and their art must be a functional piece of original work. Some of the best artists this country has to offer attend this 3 day event. This summer Images West magazine has highlighted several WCD Artists in an article titled “Functional Art”. We were so proud to be considered for this article as one of these artists. On page 30 you can read about some of the artist’s and their work, including ours.

Images West is published at the beginning of each summer and is available throughout Jackson Hole. Published for FREE, you can find one at just about every hotel and gallery in town. Images West is a very nice publication featuring the Arts in Jackson Hole. If you plan to visit here this summer pick one up and see what the Jackson Art Community has to offer.  Oh yeh be sure to visit the website and the blog for more…

Jackson Hole Art Association Celebrates 50 Years With Friday Night Kickoff…

This Friday, January 25th, the Art Association of Jackson Hole will begin their celebration of 50 years in Jackson.  Their annual show called “the Jackson Salon” will begin its annual show with their exhibition opening starting at 5:30pm.  This show features local artists and some of their artwork displayed in many mediums.

The opening event kicks off at 5:30 pm and goes until 7:30 pm and there will be a reception of food and drink along with live music.  This three-week event is open to the public so all can visit and enjoy the many different forms of art.  Most of the pieces will be available for purchase and the proceeds will be split between the artists and the Art Association which helps support further education and exhibitions.

ImageWe have entered a piece for the show and it will be available for purchase.  Our entry this year is only the second time we have created a piece like this.  Our entry is one of our latest Native American Styled Flutes designed around the colors of the human Chakra.  This flute was hand crafted from a single piece of old growth, reclaimed American Cherry.  This is a long flute reaching almost 30 inches in length and features a 1″ inch flute bore giving a rich deep voice to this flute.

cherry_chakra_2A six hole flute that is tuned to the key of D at 432Hz (true pitch) makes this flute a very pleasing flute to play and to listen to.  There are seven 10 x 14mm bezel set cabochons that are inlay-ed into the body of the flute.  These seven stones represent the seven primary colors of the human Chakra. The fetish that sits atop the flute is one of our Teton Spike designed fetishes and it was crafted from a piece of African Cocobolo.  This fetish is attached to the flute using a single piece of hand selected and hand cut Elk leather lace.

Hanging from the center of the flute body is a tuft of Sorrel colored horse hair wrapped in a traditional red wool cloth.  The wrap is tied with black sinu.  The playing holes are set at brownbisonbag1_lgcomfortable intervals making this a very easy flute to play.  The flute will be displayed on top of a hand crafted flute stand made from a single piece of Ironwood.

Finally this flute has been finished in a high gloss of more than 30 light coats of hand rubbed lacquer.   Also part of the display is a flute bag that was designed by us and hand-made for the show by Leah Burgess of Riversong Leather Studio’s out of Laramie Wyoming.  This bag is crafted from a chocolate-brown buffalo hide also hand selected for these bags.  This flute is a truly one of a kind hand crafted, gallery quality, made in Wyoming piece.  Come to the show if you are in town over the next three weeks.  I am sure you will see some nice works of art.

Please consider subscribing to our blog and receive updated posts each time we submit one.  All posts come to your inbox at the email address you provide.  Visit our website at to see some of our other Native American Styled Flutes now available.

Western Design Conference Goes Off Without A Hitch…

2012 Western Design Conference Finishes Another Year.

We were excited to announce that we entered one of our flutes again this year into the Western Design Conference held this past week in Jackson Hole. In addition we contributed a flute that was auctioned off prior to the gayla event, the WDC Fashion Show. The auction was a success and this flute brought one of the highest prices we have received for a donated flute. The new owner just happens to have a summer home here in Jackson Hole – Nice…

This five hole Native American Flute was handcrafted from a single piece of reclaimed Ironwood by Timothy Jennings of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Recipient of the Sonny Tutle award at last year’s Western Design Conference for his Native American Flute Entry, this custom, hand crafted flute is truly a one of a kind piece. There is not another flute quite like this to be found anywhere. Featuring an Ironwood Fetish Block called the “Teton Spike” that is attached using a light colored hand cut elk hide lace. Braided elk lace adorns the base of the flute and midway up hangs three baby bald eagle feather replicas. Built with a 7/8″ inch flute bore and tuned to the key of F# this flute is bright in sound and elegant in design. Truly a piece of functional art.

This years conference started with the Annual Fashion and Jewelry Show Gala held at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts. The Western Design Conference, hosted by Teton Home and Living Magazine, brings together crafts people, scholars, collectors, interior designers, architects and fashion designers with an interest in the West. The 20th Annual Exhibit + Sale was truly a one-of-a-kind showcase for museum quality functional art. The nation’s finest Western-influenced designers and artists from across the country apply to be a part of over 100 exhibitions on display. Over $22,200 in cash was awarded for handcrafted works in leather, metal, accents, woodworking, jewelry and fashion. The energy generated by tourists, artists, local businesses and residents made the Western Design Conference unforgettable — for both exhibitors and attendees.

Our Flute Entry Finds A Home In Colorado…

This year we entered a hand crafted flute into the Western Design Conference Juried portion of the show and this flute was on display the entire weekend for show visitors to view. Our entry was a five hole Native American Style Flute that feature black Wyoming Jade stones that were bezel set in Sterling Silver. Crafted from Old Growth Walnut this flute was really a beautiful piece. If you hold the flute and roll it in your hands the light colored sap wood changed to the beautiful dark brown so coveted with black walnut. Leather accents were cut from hand selected elk hides and the bead work was a combination of black Crow Beads and Sterling Silver bead work. Three hand painted baby Eagle feathers adorned the center of the flute and the fetish was also crafted from the same walnut stock . The custom flute case was made from hand selected elk hides. Designed by Timothy Jennings and crafted by Leah Burgess, River Song Studios in Laramie, Wyoming, this flute was truly a Made In Wyoming event. We ere excited to show this flute off to the public this past right here in Jackson Hole. Finally this flute found its new home which will be in the Beaver Creek area of Colorado. We were proud that the new owner recognized our hard work.

Cherry Wood Native American Flute – Made In Jackson Hole…

NEW Cherry Wood Flute, Backpacker – Key of A – $155

Another made in Jackson Hole product… 307 Flutes are a line of hand crafted flutes made entirely in Jackson Hole by award winning artist Timothy Jennings.  Check out their stuff…

This Cherry wood flute was Just finished. Because of its size this NAF flute would make a very nice back packer flute. Tuned to the Key of A this Native American five hole flute is hand crafted from reclaimed Cherry wood stock. This flute is 21 1/2 inches in length and features a 3/4″ flute bore. Please note that this flute was crafted entirely by hand including the flute bore. The cutting edge is built into the body of the flute and is not an inlay. The fetish is our otter series and it is made from the same Cherry wood stock as the flute body and cutting edge. The fetish is tied on using our hand cut Deer Leather, color is black.

This flute like all of our flutes was hand planed to achieve its signature shape. We have added a hand braided deer skin leather lace accent at the foot of the flute and there are 8 multicolored Crow Beads attached. Finished with more than 20+ light coats of high gloss lacquer. The inside of the flute bore and slow air chamber have also been sealed with many coats of finish to help prevent moisture absorption. The tonal quality of this flute is in the upper range and it is very easy to play and very forgiving. This flute feels really nice in your hands and the color of the reclaimed Cherry gives it a very nice look.

Cherry makes for a great sounding flute but as you can see from these pictures it too produces simple elegance. All flutes
ship with a hand crafted flute bag to protect the flute. Shipping is in addition to the price of the flute.  We ship all of our flutes via Fedex and shipping on this flute average $25.  Call us at (619) 435-6700 or email us at