Cherry Wood Native American Flute – Made In Jackson Hole…

NEW Cherry Wood Flute, Backpacker – Key of A – $155

Another made in Jackson Hole product… 307 Flutes are a line of hand crafted flutes made entirely in Jackson Hole by award winning artist Timothy Jennings.  Check out their stuff…

This Cherry wood flute was Just finished. Because of its size this NAF flute would make a very nice back packer flute. Tuned to the Key of A this Native American five hole flute is hand crafted from reclaimed Cherry wood stock. This flute is 21 1/2 inches in length and features a 3/4″ flute bore. Please note that this flute was crafted entirely by hand including the flute bore. The cutting edge is built into the body of the flute and is not an inlay. The fetish is our otter series and it is made from the same Cherry wood stock as the flute body and cutting edge. The fetish is tied on using our hand cut Deer Leather, color is black.

This flute like all of our flutes was hand planed to achieve its signature shape. We have added a hand braided deer skin leather lace accent at the foot of the flute and there are 8 multicolored Crow Beads attached. Finished with more than 20+ light coats of high gloss lacquer. The inside of the flute bore and slow air chamber have also been sealed with many coats of finish to help prevent moisture absorption. The tonal quality of this flute is in the upper range and it is very easy to play and very forgiving. This flute feels really nice in your hands and the color of the reclaimed Cherry gives it a very nice look.

Cherry makes for a great sounding flute but as you can see from these pictures it too produces simple elegance. All flutes
ship with a hand crafted flute bag to protect the flute. Shipping is in addition to the price of the flute.  We ship all of our flutes via Fedex and shipping on this flute average $25.  Call us at (619) 435-6700 or email us at

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