Native American Flutes

Hand Crafted Native American style flutes

Welcome, what was once a hobby has now become a passion. Living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is one of last great places on earth. No better place to be inspired than to sit at the base of the Grand Teton’s and let the wind speak to you.

My journey began with my son, Brock. Brock is a talented musician with a love for the Native American people who inspired the song you now hear playing. Arrival was produced and played by Brock Jennings and Nakoa Heavyrunner right here in Jackson Hole.

I was already making Native American styled ceremonial pipes made from sacred pipe stone that is hand quarried by my mentor Donavan Archambault (Assiniboine Elder). Donovan started me on a path of making pipes in the traditional ways and as my love for creating these pipes grew I found a desire to see if I could also make some flutes for Brock and Nakoa. Well the journey continues and I now have made quite a number of flutes that play very well. One of my most recent flutes was made specifically for Nakoa as a gift to him and his family for all that they have done for Brock and I.

My passion for creating these wonderful wind instruments has blossomed into the opportunity to share my craft with others and the opportunity for someone to own one of my flutes arrived all on its own. On this website you will find flutes that I have made, some for sale, flutes that have sold and others were created as gifts. I hope to be able to share with our site visitors not only finished flutes but those that are under construction and be able to see how a selected piece of wood makes the transition into a Native American styled flute.

Each flute we make is done completely by hand using almost all hand tools. All wood is hand selected by me and all of the woods we use are Native to the United States or Canada with very few exceptions. Many hours go into each one of our wind instruments and they are hand tuned using a professional high accuracy Chromatic Tuner to the key that best suits the design and wood selected for each flute. No two flutes are the same! And even those in the same key and octave have different sounds. All of our flutes are hand finished using many many coats of Deft lacquer to achieve a smooth professional finish on each flute. After which each flute receives a final hand rub to make sure the finish has a soft satin look and feel.

Finally we dress the flutes up with the bird (fetish) selected for each flute using 100% deer, buffalo, or elk lace (made in America) to attach the fetish to the flute. We add additional leather accents, feathers, horse hair and for some very special flutes we add some bead work. All bead work that is done on our flutes and pipes are made by hand using a Peyote Stitch. All stitching is done by Native Americans artisans from Montana and most are part of the Assiniboine people.

Gallery Quality

Each of our hand crafted flutes are Gallery Quality. Attention to detail is the rule of the day and each flute is individually scrutinized during the entire crafting process as to render the best possible product when finished. It is important to note that these are not production flutes. No two flutes are the same even when they come from the same wood source. Choosing one of our 307 Flutes depends entirely on what you are looking for. All of our flutes will look good as an accent piece in your home or office. In addition to looking good they play very well. Whether you are looking for a piece to add to your Native American collection or if you are a flute enthusiast and love playing this wonderful wind instrument we are confident that our flutes will meet or exceed your expectations.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for your straightforward guide to hole placement. I live in Africa and am having fun learning to make flutes from the beautiful local woods.

  2. Tim, we are having our Fall meeting in Jackson in September. We are a Native American tribe council for the Delaware tribe. Do you know anyone or could you play the flute for us on Monday night September 23rd during a lovely dinner for 30 at a private residence in Wilson? Thanks appreciate your response to this. Be well.

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