Welcome to Wyoming!

Thank you for your visit. Beginning March 1st, 2023 we will no longer be shipping lumber previously found on Jacksonholetim.com. Our primary focus will be on functional, One-of-a-Kind art pieces. We will also continue to support and supply products for flute makers across the country.

Functional Art

As 2023 passes from Summer into Fall our art focus will be multifaceted. Wyoming Artist Timothy Jennings works in several mediums with the latest additions coming this Fall and Winter of 2023. We will begin showcasing some of our under construction Clay Sculptures that soon will transform into Western Art Bronze Sculptures.

New custom flutes are also planned with some being incorporated into our bronze sculptures creating a unique one of a kind Functional Art pieces that will carry the “Everything Wyoming” Theme.

Under Construction Clay Sculpture of the “Centurion” Wyoming Bison


I will be spending more time blogging this year with continued focus on my love for Wyoming and my multifaceted art. Time to get back to some writing which was the genesis for Jacksonholetim.com more than 20 years ago. So please stay tuned…

If you need to contact Timothy Jennings please email timjen333@gmail.com or feel free to call 307-690-0427. Blessing to all!

Commissioned & Custom Art

Finished Commission Flute crafted from Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Elk Cabochon, Black Acrylic

Award Winning Functional Art