Rocky Mountain High – Again

Aspen Colorado Bound

It was about one year ago this week that Peyton and I were in Aspen Colorado, one of our favorite towns to hang out in. I had the great pleasure to deliver this Commissioned Flute to one of my favorite people who works and lives in the Aspen area. In fact this is one of two flutes that I made for customers in Aspen that we delivered during our visit just a year ago.

Crafted from Alaskan Yellow Cedar this flute featured Sapodilla Totem Rails and a Mustang fetish also crafted from a piece of Sapodilla. For this project I crafted a handmade cabochon made from a remnant piece of Catlinite (Sacred Pipestone) that came from a pipe project I had been working on. Hand shaped and finished to a statin sheen this stone was finally bezel set in Sterling Silver and then inlaid into the body of the flute.

The stands are both functional and simplistic in design. For this project these stand cradles were also made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar. The bottom of each stand has a felt pad to protect stand and surface they are set on and the cradle area also has felt padding to help protect the flute itself. These are very cool little stands that you can set on any surface for display without having to do any mounting.

This was a beautiful sounding flute tuned in the key of D# because of its larger bore. The long aesthetics of my hand crafted flute designs make for wonderful functional art displays while also possessing the soft wonderful voice that an Alaskan Yellow Cedar crafted flute delivers. The owner of this new flute now has it mounted in a place of honor in his home and is one of our favorite people to visit when we travel to this part of Colorado.

Yes, Aspen Colorado holds a special place in our hearts and we always enjoy our time there. As we get ready to travel this weekend we are looking forward to some awesome Fall weather and of coarse, a few places to eat or two….

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