Morning Coffee – Afton

Mormon Temple Afton Wyoming

Afton Wyoming Mormon Temple early morning before sunrise.

On this cold Fall morning I only had one thought in mind and that was to get myself up and out the door to see what images I could capture.  As the Fall days progress the daylight hours shorten it is now dark in the early morning hours.  The dark colder mornings definitely makes it harder to get motivated for the day ahead.  If I am not awake when I leave the house I am by the time I reach my truck.  Cold air does a great job of awakening you in quick step.

Like most mornings I proceeded to drag myself out of bed, started the truck to warm it up ahead of the upcoming drive.  On this morning my journey took me past the Afton Mormon Temple which I have photographed before.  A beautiful building for sure but I am so used to seeing it during the day that I usually just pass on by. This morning was no exception as I just drove right on by but on this morning I looked into my rearview mirror and saw the building all lighted up and thought I would turn around and take a few shots.

I pulled a U-Turn and parked across the highway as I have done before and it was then I discovered no tripod in the car.  After a couple of seconds I decided too bad I was not going home to get it so I decided to take my pictures hand held.  They came out pretty good but I will definitely have to come back and set my tripod up for some better longer exposed shots.

One final thought…  I was not immediately sure what else I was missing and it was then I realized I had NO COFFEE with me.  This made this short journey a bit more of a challenge but I assure you my next picture event at the LDS Temple will include a tripod and very LARGE cup of fresh hot coffee…

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