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Western Design Conference Goes Off Without A Hitch…

2012 Western Design Conference Finishes Another Year.

We were excited to announce that we entered one of our flutes again this year into the Western Design Conference held this past week in Jackson Hole. In addition we contributed a flute that was auctioned off prior to the gayla event, the WDC Fashion Show. The auction was a success and this flute brought one of the highest prices we have received for a donated flute. The new owner just happens to have a summer home here in Jackson Hole – Nice…

This five hole Native American Flute was handcrafted from a single piece of reclaimed Ironwood by Timothy Jennings of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Recipient of the Sonny Tutle award at last year’s Western Design Conference for his Native American Flute Entry, this custom, hand crafted flute is truly a one of a kind piece. There is not another flute quite like this to be found anywhere. Featuring an Ironwood Fetish Block called the “Teton Spike” that is attached using a light colored hand cut elk hide lace. Braided elk lace adorns the base of the flute and midway up hangs three baby bald eagle feather replicas. Built with a 7/8″ inch flute bore and tuned to the key of F# this flute is bright in sound and elegant in design. Truly a piece of functional art.

This years conference started with the Annual Fashion and Jewelry Show Gala held at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts. The Western Design Conference, hosted by Teton Home and Living Magazine, brings together crafts people, scholars, collectors, interior designers, architects and fashion designers with an interest in the West. The 20th Annual Exhibit + Sale was truly a one-of-a-kind showcase for museum quality functional art. The nation’s finest Western-influenced designers and artists from across the country apply to be a part of over 100 exhibitions on display. Over $22,200 in cash was awarded for handcrafted works in leather, metal, accents, woodworking, jewelry and fashion. The energy generated by tourists, artists, local businesses and residents made the Western Design Conference unforgettable — for both exhibitors and attendees.

Our Flute Entry Finds A Home In Colorado…

This year we entered a hand crafted flute into the Western Design Conference Juried portion of the show and this flute was on display the entire weekend for show visitors to view. Our entry was a five hole Native American Style Flute that feature black Wyoming Jade stones that were bezel set in Sterling Silver. Crafted from Old Growth Walnut this flute was really a beautiful piece. If you hold the flute and roll it in your hands the light colored sap wood changed to the beautiful dark brown so coveted with black walnut. Leather accents were cut from hand selected elk hides and the bead work was a combination of black Crow Beads and Sterling Silver bead work. Three hand painted baby Eagle feathers adorned the center of the flute and the fetish was also crafted from the same walnut stock . The custom flute case was made from hand selected elk hides. Designed by Timothy Jennings and crafted by Leah Burgess, River Song Studios in Laramie, Wyoming, this flute was truly a Made In Wyoming event. We ere excited to show this flute off to the public this past right here in Jackson Hole. Finally this flute found its new home which will be in the Beaver Creek area of Colorado. We were proud that the new owner recognized our hard work.

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