Jackson Hole Studio Gallery to be Open Summer of 2017…

Opening May 1st 2017 through October 31st

Come Visit Our Studio Gallery This Summer

Should you be traveling through Jackson Hole this summer please come visit me in my Studio Gallery.  We are easy to find as we are just south of the town of Jackson Hole located just off of the Snake River.  If you are looking for a pleasant afternoon and you want to explore something outside of Jackson Hole then take the journey south just 12 miles and view our art.

Please come spend a part of your day with Tim.  We are located just about on the mighty Snake River.  Take a walk along the river right from our property.  Enjoy a beverage complimentary on us.  In addition to Flutes some of Tim’s jewelry and local photography will be on display.  We can also ship any purchase to your home or business so you don’t have to take it with you.

Bison Herd Antelope Flats

Artist In Resident

We are in the process of negotiating for a couple of spots in the town of Jackson Hole where Tim will be the Artist In Resident at one of the local establishments.  This is still in the works but if and when we get this in the bag we will be posting days and hours you can find Tim in town.

Tim will also be crafting his art at our home studio gallery that will be open this summer.  Come visit with Tim and watch how some of his art is actually crafted by hand.  Everything will be available for purchase.

The Largest Selection of Flutes in Wyoming

Come see my collection of hand crafted award-winning Native American Styled Flutes here at our Studio Gallery on your next visit to Jackson Hole.  The entire selection of Native American Styled flutes are crafted by local award-winning artist Timothy Jennings.  We have fully completed flutes, flutes ready for final production (Available to customize), Flute Making Supplies and we will be taking commissions for the winter of 2017 – 2018.

How do you get here?

We will be posting complete instructions on how to get to our property as we get closer to May 1st.  We will post a video that will give you a taste of what you can expect to see on your journey.

If you are interested please contact me via phone @ (307) 690-0427 or email me @ timjen333@gmail.com.  Feel free to leave a comment to this post if this interests you… I would love to see you…

2 thoughts on “Jackson Hole Studio Gallery to be Open Summer of 2017…”

  1. Tim, I see you are opening a studio, that’s great. I know that has been in your plans for some time. We talked about that a few years ago. Time goes by and things change but I was wondering, at the time we talked you mentioned that you might be interested in having a few of our flutes in your showroom. Do you think you would still be interested? We could do a consignment thing if you think you have room and would be interested in doing something like that. I don’t have anything to send at the moment, I am getting ready for our June flute school. But normally after that I have some nice instruments a few which could be sent your way. If your plans have changed and this arrangement will not work for you, no hard feelings on my part. Let me know what you think.


    1. Hi Dan… sorry for the delay in getting back to you as we are on Spring Break and down in Phoenix. So YES I will have room and would love to showcase your flutes. We will have the largest selection of flutes in Wyoming and anything close. We will draw from Jackson…

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