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Big Red Finds it’s Voice

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Key G @440 Hz

After a couple of days of new snow, a little wind and a lot of running around for the Holidays we finally found the time to record the new voice of what I have been calling Big Red.  This is a 7/8″ Bore flute tuned to the Key of G @ 440Hz.  Hand crafted from Old Growth first generation cut Alaskan Yellow Cedar and finished in high gloss acrylic True Red.  Totem and totem rails are hand crafted from Maple and finished in their natural colors.  Our Mystical Mustang sits on top of this beautiful one of a kind flute.

We have priced this beautiful flute to be affordable.  Take a listen and if you are interested you can take her home… This is “Authentic Wyoming”.

Sound Clip Big Red


$265.00 FREE Shipping within U.S.A. + OFFERS ENABLED ON THIS PRODUCT


International Shipping

Please contact us in advance for the most accurate International shipping prices.  We do not control any VAT taxes that may be due on your end depending on what country you live in.  Shipping abroad is usually handled via U.S. Priority International mail.

Price does not include additional accents.  To add additional accents please contact me for pricing.  DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO HOLD.

Purchase Online, or if you have questions call  (307) 690-0427 or email me.  Available for Custom Order – email “”

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Walnut Drone Finds Home in Idaho…

Walnut Drone Ships to Idaho

Funny how things work out.  This Walnut Drone is a good example.  Sometimes some things are just to be.  When I started this flute I had a specific person in mind for whom I have built several flutes for.  Originally I had started this flute for Mary in mind but as fate has it  – it was not meant to be… at least initially.  Some things changed in Mary’s world and this flute was just not going to end up in her home.  I decided to continue to build it as if I would be building it for her and this was the end result.

Reluctantly I listed this Drone for sale on and from the very beginning it generated a lot of comments and interest.  Recently I had a small flurry of offers for this flute but something inside just said no.  Although the price point was already below what this flute should have been marketed at I was ok with it as long as it was able to claim a fair price and a good home.  I had just turned down an offer on this flute when BAM it sold.

I woke up to an alert on my phone and I could see that there was an order for the Drone.  When looked at the order and saw who had just purchased it, it made my heart full.  The very person who this flute must have been destined to be and in my opinion just the right person.  I shipped it off to Mary with a day or so and woke up this morning to this testimonial below.  What can I say but simply that I am humbled…

Buyers Testimonial

So just one more “long” comment after spending major time with the new addition to my flute family…it takes a lot to leave me in so much amazement that I am speechless, yet that is how I felt sitting there with this flute. I am looking at all the details, the wood, the finish, the smoothness and trying to wrap my mind around how anybody could create something so visually perfect and at the same time with such a musical voice. One time you commented that maybe someday you would make me the perfect flute…I think the mission was accomplished. The more I play it and it gets it’s true voice, the more it sounds almost like a set of bagpipes and my daughter said that when she hears it she sees wide open spaces like you would find in Ireland or Scotland. Other times when played more softly the harmony is so smooth that it flows like fine silk. Each flute has it’s own mystery component and the details of this flute were absolutely divinely inspired in more ways than I can explain. While trying to wrap my mind around the “true” value of this instrument. I can only say that it couldn’t possibly have a price point that would match that value. These are the kinds of instruments you were meant to build, the priceless kind, that people will stand back in amazement and awe that they get to enjoy something so special. In our carbon copy world of commerce very few people get to sit in the presence of such incredible value. Hopefully these comments will stay with you as you continue to fellowship in the carpentry shop with the King of Carpenters! This morning I am celebrating the talent and excellence that make you the artist that you are and praying that only those who will truly appreciate your gifts get to enjoy them. Also praying that finances in abundance, come from unusual sources, to free you to create for this audience. Feel free to post all or part of this glowing recommendation on your blog…LOL! I am not a women of few words when she has something to say!

Mary Blakeley, Athol Idaho

Play Sample of Black Walnut Drone Flute Here:

There is nothing more satisfying to know that you hit the mark for a client.  Mary is a special lady and she trusts me implicitly and always gives me complete artistic freedom.  What more can I ask for.  Finally this might all sound like I am bragging a bit and to be truthful I actually am!


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Under Construction Update

As we move further into winter and most of my outdoor adventures are curtailed I am refocusing on building up my inventories for the upcoming Spring 2019.  I am working on a number of new flutes as I write this post and all with have affordable price points.  I have in the works a new Native American Style Catlinite pipe, and of coarse I will be working on Photographic moments.  Here is a short list of what I have going on…


  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar with Sapodilla Rails – 1″ Bore Key D 440 Hz – being tuned now.
  • Port Orford Cedar with Sapodilla Rails – 1″ Bore Key D 432Hz – being finished now – Semi-Gloss
  • Large Bore Port Orford Cedar with Totem Rail – to be determined
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar – 1″ Bore, walnut inlay in finishing
  • Black Walnut – 1 1/8″ large bore flute, in glue up – beautiful blank
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar – Walnut totem rails, walnut inlay cutting edge in shaping
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar – to be painted Gun Metal Blue, 7/8″ Bore G 440Hz, Maple totem rails, in final sanding before paint

Port Orford Cedar with Sapodilla Totem Rails

Big Red

Alaskan Yellow Cedar painted True Red with acrylic paint and finished with high gloss lacquer.  Just about ready for a home.  Click here for more information.

Reclaimed ASH

Just about ready for glue up is this reclaimed piece of ASH that is from a very old hand hewn beam I picked up a few years ago.  The sister to this flute can be seen here.  This flute blank set has been bored with a 7/8″ bore and features a Iron Wood Cutting Edge inlay.  Plans for this flute is for it to be an F# but there is still time to make a change if you are interested.  This flute could be an F, F#, G or G# I am thinking.  The fetish will be our whimsical otter fetish and attached with our hand-cut Wyoming Bison lace.

Any of these flutes can be reserved or pre-purchased before they are complete.  If you have interest please reach out to me via email @ “”.

Digital Photography

Winter months are upon us and I will be looking for those secret shots that come every winter.  Most everything I shoot that I think is worth is available for print or digital download.  I will be working hard this winter to update our photographic section of

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Flute Finds Home in Bergamo Italy…



Recently I sold this Walnut flute to a new client who lives in Bergamo Italy.  I always am humbled when someone likes one of my flutes enough to spend their hard earned money on one.  This flute shares a special journey that has touched my heart and one that I would like to share with all of you.  This particular flute I have liked from the minute I started to shape it.  Not really sure why but it was one of my favorites that I made this year.  It sounds great and looks good to boot.

Over a period of several weeks I have exchanged emails with a man I now call my friend.  Both before he purchased the flute and after the sale we both struggled though the translations that Google so graciously provided.  Italian to English and English to Italian.  It always surprises me when I meet people from other countries that have a love of our Native American Heritage that is truly part of who we are as Americans and even more impressive to know they have taken the time learn so much about our past.  Davide is one of those special people.

During the flute’s transit time from Wyoming to Bergamo he share with me his desire, no – his “dream” to play a Native American Style flute in a very special place that meant so much to his family.  A place where he and his father would visit and spend time together and today it is the final resting place of his father.  His dream as he shared with me was to find a day of solitude and take with him his new flute and play songs in honor of his father.  Just he and the spirit of his father.  By his descriptions in his previous emails I thought I had a pretty good vision of this place in my mind.  Yet when I saw the pictures he sent to me of this day it did in some weird way seem familiar to me even though I knew it was a place thousands of miles away from Wyoming.

A few days ago I received a follow up email from Davide along with some images of his day spent in this very special place.  He finally received his new flute he gathered some personal things together and picked a day to journey to this place.  As you can see from these pictures it appears to be a cold day which he did confirm in his message to me.  Aside from the cold and even colder hands he sat down and started to play.

It is times like these that confirm to me the healing properties of these very special wind instruments.  Davide shared that it was very quite and still when he sat down to play.  As he started to play his flute he noticed that there were a vibrations coming across the water and to him he imagined this to mean vibrations of joy.  To be truthful I am not sure exactly how long he stayed in this place on this day but it was clear from his email to me that it met all of his dreams and expectation for this special occasion.

Although I do not have any recordings of this day I am sure the music Davide played hit the mark as witnessed by the vibrations upon the water.  As a flute builder there is no better compliment than when a client shares a story like this with me.  This is real and it is meaningful to all who have been part of this personal journey.  My heart is full knowing that a flute that I have created with my hands right here in Wyoming has made such a long journey to a place that has brought in some small way a healing to another human being so far way.



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BLACK Alaskan Yellow Cedar NAF # @432Hz


Black Lacquered Alaskan Yellow Cedar Flute

We are offering this one of a kind hand lacquered jet black Alaskan Yellow Cedar flute tuned to E @ 432Hz at a big Holiday Discount.  Inlaid bezel set elk antler cabochon and Maple Totem rails with signature Mustang totem crafted from Maple.  Stand included.  Ships with protective flute bag.  This is an amazingly beautiful flute with simple yet elegant lines.  USE COUPON CODE NAFSHIP AT CHECKOUT FOR FREE SHIPPING


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Ready for Glue Up

Alaskan Yellow Cedar in RED!

UPDATE 11/29/2018 – Below is an updated image of the progress of this new flute.  This flute is in its final stages of being finished.  Totem is complete and also in the finishing stage.  This flute is available for purchase now.  Contact Tim Jennings for more information @

Ready for Glue Up! Another painted flute inbound… This shot of the inside of the flute blanks prior to glue-up shows the Red that has been chosen for this new flute project.  This flute will be very similar in design as the black one shown below.  Difference will be this flute is a 7/8″ bore NOT a 1″ and it will not have an elk antler cabochon.   But it will feature the same style rails and Mustang fetish.  Plans for tuning are in the F# – G range at 440 or 432 Hz.  Finish will be many coats of HIGH Gloss lacquer.  Shout out if you like what you see.

Share thoughts if you dare… I will update as we go through the stages… Interested in this flute? Reach out to me…  Email me at “” or phone (307) 690-0427

2018 Western Design Conference Entry
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Russian Olive Flute G @ 440Hz

Entry Level Russian Olive Flute

This is a really nice little six hole flute hand crafted from a piece of Russian Olive harvested from the Boulder Colorado region.  Russian Olive is kind of tortured wood with virtually no straight branches.  Getting a really nice flute blank from a slab of Russian Olive is no easy task.  This flute blank although crafted from a matched blank set, it is not what I would consider a premier blank set simply because of few minor imperfections.  Having said that I built this flute with idea of making it available at an entry-level price point.

This flute features a 7/8″ bore and it is tuned to G @ 440Hz.  A really nice bright sounding voice and easy to play.  Overall length is 22 7/8″ measured on top.  The playing holes are laid out as follows:  The bottom 3 hole are spaced at 1 1/8″ measure on center and the 3 top holes are spaced at 1 1/16″ on center with 1 1/4″ between the #3 and #4 holes.  The blow-hole is a 3/8″ bore and is approximately 2 3/4″ in length leading into the Slow Air Chamber.  The Stop Block area is approximately 1 1/4″ thick.

The Fetish is my Whimsical Bison also crafted from a piece of Russian Olive and it is attached to the flute with our hand cut Wyoming Brown Elk lace.  The fetish sits on top of a 3/8″ wide Focusing Channel cut into the body of the flute.  The finish is a Semi-Gloss lacquer finish and both inside and outside are finished in the same way.  Overall this is a really nice little flute perfect for the backpack adventure or just playing at home.

I have set the price point to be affordable for those seeking their first flute and yet this is an amazing sounding flute in its own right.  Tuned at 6400 foot elevation and voiced right here in the Teton Range of the Yellowstone Basin.  Ships with its own protective bag.

Russian Olive Sound Clip

As always if you have questions reach out to me via email “” or call/text (307) 690-0427.

$125.00 + Shipping

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ASH Flute F# @ 432Hz

Under Construction ASH NAF F# @432 Hz

Just about ready for glue up is this reclaimed piece of ASH that is from a very old hand hewn beam I picked up a few years ago.  The sister to this flute can be seen here.  This flute blank set has been bored with a 7/8″ bore and features a Iron Wood Cutting Edge inlay.  Plans for this flute is for it to be an F# but there is still time to make a change if you are interested.  This flute could be an F, F#, G or G# I am thinking.  The fetish will be our whimsical otter fetish and attached with our hand-cut Wyoming Bison lace.

The aesthetic will be in very close to the image of this Port Orford Cedar flute shown here.  Plans are to cut my signature step in front of the inlay but in this case there will extra length given to the windway area because of the length of the inlay.  Finish although it can be changed prior to finishing is planned for a Semi-Gloss finish.

Finally being crafted from something as hard as reclaimed American Ash this should have a very bright voice.  I personally like this type of sound…  If you are interested please contact me via email “” or call (307) 690-0427


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Another Flute Goes to Italy

Another Flute Goes to Italy

This was a unique little flute that has now found a new home in Italy.  This flute was actually made several years ago.  It was completely hand crafted from Western Red Cedar and featured a black walnut inlay for the cutting edge.  This flute WAS NOT bored with a plunge router but completely hand carved both inside components and outside.  This 7/8″ bore flute is tuned to F# @ 440 Hz.   A couple of other notes is that we inlaid 3 black onyx  cabochons and it also feature the 4 winds tuning hole to add length to the flute.

The fetish on this flute is our otter design and it is crafted from a piece of American Cherry.  Leather accent is hand cut Black Bison lace and there is a groove pre-cut around the body of the flute should you want to add another accents like a hanging feather or horse hair.

As with all of our flutes this flute was tuned at an altitude of 6,400 feet above sea level.  Many time we will tune our flute to the flat side of the target note because of the higher altitude and severe difference in temperature and humidity.  However this flute is spot on here in the Rockies.  Taking this flute to lower altitudes and higher temperatures and humidity will affect the tuning a bit.  But this flute should always be in tune with itself.

The inside of the flute was sealed like all of our flutes with many coats of lacquer and the outside of the flute is finished with more than 20+ very light coats of high gloss lacquer.  This is simply a very nice flute.  We are offering this flute at an entry level price as this would be a fabulous flute for the first time flute owner and yet one you will keep for many years.

Because it is made from Western Red Cedar it is important to note that it is very soft and susceptible to dents and dings.  The cutting edge was inlaid with walnut for this very reason.  Western Red Cedar produces a very soothing flute and this one is no exception.  Sounds and plays great!  This was a great entry level flute at a price point that was very affordable.

This nice little flute found a new home in Italy and is being delivered as I write this.  I hope that the new owner finds that joy that these wind instruments are capable of bringing.  It makes me smile to know that people in Italy appreciate our Native heritage and can find enjoyment in the flute.

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Black Walnut Flute Finds New Home In Italy

Black Walnut with Sapodilla Rails

Heading for Italy

This completely hand crafted Black Walnut flute is one of my favorites from this summer.  Nothing fancy but I do think it breaths Simple Elegance.  Anyway this flute is headed for it’s new Home in Italy.  For those who may not have seen this earlier on our website this flute was crafted from American Black Walnut and featured Sapodilla Totem Rails and the Totem/Fetish is our whimsical Teton Spike crafted from piece of dark black walnut.  Tuned to an F# @ 432 Hz this 7/8″ bore gives off a very nice tone.  Leather accents are our Wyoming Brown hand cut lace and a few Crow glass beads were added to finish it off.

I am always humbled when someone chooses to purchase a flute from me.  I know people have a choice and the fact that they selected one of my flutes is always humbling.  I home the new owner of this flute will find many hours of healing while playing her.  She was voiced right here in the Tetons of Wyoming.  Travel safe…

Big Brother

I like this flute so much that I have decided to build another Black Walnut flute with Sapodilla rails only this next flute is going to be the big brother to the flute above.  I say that because this next walnut blank is a 30″ long blank and will feature a 1 1/8″ bore and likes the flute above it too will be a six hole flute.  My goal for tuning this flute is shoot for a deeper C or C#.  The Slow Air Chamber (SAC) has been modified with a 1″ bored SAC rather than 1 1/8″.  Right now this new flute is a blank canvas so accents like the fetish design, inlaid stones and other accents has hanging horse hair etc can still be incorporated.

Below is the actual walnut blank that has been selected.   Who will be the new owner of this flute?  If you have interest simply reach out to me via email “” or call/text me (307) 690-0427… Christmas is coming…