Old Growth Black Walnut Flutes 1 Inch Bores…

OGW_6H_GRNTURQ_120412_2_lgIt has been a while since I posted flutes on this blog and site.  Over the past two years life has taken many turns but the time has come to get back to the flute.

A while ago I had almost finished a couple of Black Walnut flutes that where just about ready to find a home.  These are two of them.  Since then I have just about finished these two flutes and they are in the final stages of finishing.  There were a few adjustments that needed to be made but all in all they are with days of being ready.

OGW_6H_GRNTURQ_120412_1_lgThese are two very nice flutes.  Crafted from Old Growth, 1st Generation Cut Black Walnut stock.  One thing I look for when choosing a walnut board are boards or slabs that contain the sap wood.  Sap wood is white in color and the contrast between the sap wood and the regular color of the walnut can be quite striking.  Many people disregard this part of the wood but I like it.

When I cut the blanks for these two flutes we cut them out of the same section of the wood stock.  One flute features the typical beautiful wood tones and grains we all love about black walnut and the second flute is whiter in color on top and as you rotate the flute the color darkens to the warm browns and blacks found in OGW.

OGW_6H_PURPLETURQ_122712_2_lgBoth of these flutes are six hole flutes and both were made with 1 inch bores.  The Slow Air Chambers are both 4 inches in length which help give the longer aesthetics to these two flutes.   Both flutes are 27 inches in overall length, measured on top and for the most part they are brothers.  But one is tuned to the Key of E and the other D#, both @ 440Hz.  These are very nice sounding flutes and they are easy to play as well.
horsehead1_lgWe have adorned each flute with our new Horse Fetish that we designed early this winter.  This fetish will be part of a new collection we will be making later this next year that will be built in collaboration with Nakoa Heavyrunner.  In both cases the horse fetishes used here were crafted from a piece of stock from the very same board that the flutes came from.  They are attached to the flute bodies with 1/2″ Elk and Bison leather lace.
OGW_6H_PURPLETURQ_122712_3_lgEach flute features 10mm x 14mm Cabochons that are set in sterling silver bezels.  The Green Mojave and Purple Mojave Turquoise both come from the Kingman mine in Kingman, Arizona.  Some of the best turquoise in the world comes from this mine.  It is one of the oldest mine yielding turquoise dating back to the days when Native Americans mined the stones here.

All beads that we use are either sterling silver or glass crow beads.  The beads hanging from the foot of the lighter colored flute are high quality beads that add a nice touch to an already beautiful flute.

brownbisonbag1_smThe hole spacing for the playing holes on both of these flutes are as follows…  The spacing for the 3 bottom holes is 1 1/8″ on center, then there is 1 1/4″ spacing between holes #4 & #5.  The top three holes are spaced a little closer at 1 1/16″ on center.   The #3 hole is positioned at the midpoint between the foot of the flute and the cutting edge.  For flutes that are this large these are very comfortable to play.

DSC_0454_02These are Gallery Quality Flutes!  They look and sound amazing and we are pleased to have them in our inventory.  All of our flute ship with a protective bag but if you really want something special consider buying one of our hand crafted flute bags.  These flute bags were designed by me and they are hand crafted by Riversong Leather Studio out of Laramie, Wyoming.  They are available in many colors and most are crafted from hand selected Bison and Elk hides.  If we do not stock what you want order one and we will have it to you in a couple of weeks.

Sound Clip from Flute with Purple Cabochons

FOR SALE $285 Plus $16.95 Shipping

For more information on these two flutes call me at (307) 690-0427 or email me at “timjen333@gmail.com“.

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  1. Greeting from Alpine! Is there a raven in my future:>) (flute, that is) Beautiful sound clip by the way!

    1. Hi Barbara… Yes there is. I have around 16 new flutes I am working on. Peyton and I would love to come see you soon when you are available… I will update you on the raven…

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