End of Summer Comes to Jackson Hole…

Town Square Park

Summertime in Jackson Hole is a magical time especially for families with children.  One of the most visited events during the summer is when the Farmers Market comes to town each weekend.  They begin around the 4th of July and they continue until late September. Vendors from all over Wyoming and Idaho come to town with their goods hoping to entice the locals into buying – and buy they do.  The quality of the produce, meats, bakery goods, fruits and vegetables is awesome.  The selection is vast and the quality of everything you find is really at the top of scale.

Town Square Farmers Market

Today was a sad day for some as this day marked the last Farmers Market for the season.  We will not see this event until July of 2012 of next year.  When you attend the Farmers Market on the town square you will find local farmers with organic produce, locally raised beef ranchers, bakers, boutique foods and more.  Then there is the music, the shops and other street vendors that make this for a fun morning here in Jackson.  Jackson closes off the square allowing you to walk freely throughout the town square and not have to worry about traffic.  We are sad to see this come to an end this summer as we have seen some outrageously cool foods, goods and services.  We will miss you Farmers Market 2011.

Farmers Market Town Square

But with the ending of summer comes the beginning of fall.  Fall in Jackson is also another magical time to be here.  Nature puts on a show with the fall colors that is nothing short of spectacular.  This is a time when photographers from all over descend upon our town to take advantage of the smorgasbord of photo opportunities.  But more on fall in a later post.  Today we say good by to summer.

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