Morning Coffee Returns…

Last winter we started posting several times per week to our blog what we called “Morning Coffee”. Simply put we drop our youngest daughter off at school and then head to the coffee shop for a cup and then we head out to see what we can find.  We try to frequent our favorite coffee hangouts but we usually hit them all throughout the year.  Summer has been absolutely spectacular here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  But the summers here are too short and we try to make everyday count.  But as quickly as summer rolls in – it rolls out and into Fall.  Fall is actually one of my favorite times of the year.  Cool crisp mornings and absolutely beautiful warm days.

Well school has started and we are back at it.  This past weekend we purchased a new camera in Bozeman Montana.  The new Nikon D3200 was our choice and so far we like it very much.  This morning we headed north of town on the west bank side of the Snake River.  Passing along the Moose Wilson Road we were met with a traffic jam as a Black Bear was foraging through the Hawthorne trees looking for berries.  We decided to pass through the mayhem and onto Antelope Flats.  There were almost no animals this morning with the exception of the bear but we did manage to find a small group of Pronghorn Antelope and shoot these shots.  We are still trying to figure out how to use our new camera but I thought these pictures of a mother and her young were worth sharing.

The Pronghorn Antelope is a beautiful creature to see.  They are the fastest animal in North American and can run at speeds that approach 60 miles per hour.  They also migrate each year to and from the Yellowstone basin and their migration paths are some of the longest.  This year the herds in our area have had a good year with offspring and they are growing in size.  It won’t be long now before they start on their long journey south for the winter.  When they do we will not see them again until next spring.  The return of these awesome little guys marks the beginning of the coming summer which makes everyone around here happy.  Stay tuned though as Fall and Winter approach we will be back at it again posting things we think are worth sharing about our home.  We look forward to seeing some new and exciting events worthy of a post.

2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Returns…”

  1. Last year I tried eating a few of the Hawthorn berries and they are not very tastie… Our chokecherries are not as good as last year but they do have berries. I wish I had your knowledge of all the good stuff! Thanks for the love – love your posts!

  2. I’m glad “Morning Coffee’ posts are back. Looking forward to all the wildlife shots. I got a Nikon3000 last winter. I’m still learning how to really utilize all of its functions! Too often I just default to the auto settings.

    You mentioned the bears feeding on the Hawthorns. The Hawthorns down here have the heaviest fruit set I’ve ever seen- the ones by the river, anyway. Just amazing. Even with the hot, hot summer we’ve had, it seems to have been a very good year for chokecherries, Oregon grape, rose hips, skunkbush and many other small native fruits. I’m guessing the bears will be going into winter in fine condition.

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