Early Morning Coffee in Jackson Hole…

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Just about three or four days a week my wife and I drop our daughter off at school and instead of going straight home we venture out.  First we visit one of the many coffee shops in town and head out for a drive home – the long way.  On this morning which was yesterday morning, we headed north past Teton Village and traveled the “Moose Wilson” road that connects you from the western side of the Snake River to Moose Junction which is north of Jackson Hole about 15 miles.

Moose Junction is where you will find the main entrance to Teton National Park as well as the new Visitor Center which is a must see if you come to town.  Moose Junction gets its name I am sure from the many moose you can see on any given day.  On this morning we simply made the loop home via this route and then back to town.  The picture you see here are nothing special from the stand point of the camera we had with us.  But it is proof positive that this valley is one of the true wonders of the free world!  Enjoy!

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