Back To The Flute…

It is funny how life can throw you curve balls.  Although this is nothing new what does seem a bit odd is how far away from ones self they can reach without even knowing what is happening to you.  The past 6 years I have been on a journey that I would not wish upon anyone.  Although each hurdle that has been thrown down, I found solace in the fact that I know I can and will beat each one.

For those of you who have come to the Flute I would venture to guess that each story to be told is one of self hunger, self-reflection, one of seeking, one of healing, and one of looking for something that exists but yet they did not know what it is was they were looking for.  They just knew that there was something lacking in their own personal life and that somewhere in their Universe there must be a path to healing and comfort.   For many this path eventually leads them straight to the healing powers of the Native American Flute.

walnut_blueribbon_E_3lgTo some this may seem like a bunch of crap and talk about nothing. But I truly believe that this beautiful wind instrument was given to the people of this continent as a gift.  There is no questions that the haunting sounds that comes forth from the flute are nothing short of a miracle sound.  It is a sound of happiness, sadness, hope, inspiration, healing, and celebration.  Even more important is that when you yourself play the flute it is a direct reflection of you and who you are!

For many playing the flute is not enough, they need to have a vested interest in the flute they play and so they seek out guidance and make the difficult journey to becoming a flute maker.  For those who craft their own flutes it is only then that playing the flute that you have made is truly a representation of who you are.  As you give the flute your breath – the flute then gives you its song and each of these songs are unique and the message given may only be understood by you.  But yet to others that hear your song the message given and received by them  will most certainly mean something completely different and yet you have shared a part of you.  The cool thing is that your song may help heal those who seek comfort for whatever reason and you may not ever know it.

It is easy with all of life’s energy both good and bad to get away from the flute once you have found it.  But I promise you that as I… you will reach the day where you realize that getting back to the flute will become a priority and when you once again find a quite place and listen it is only then it will speak to you in song and maybe even heal a part of you that is in need.

So seek out and find that quite place.  Be still and just listen to Mother Earth – she WILL speak to you if you are willing to listen.  Play your song when you are alone and listen to the voice of your flute.  I promise you that you will feel better when you do and maybe, just maybe getting back to the flute will help you find what you seek.  Peace my friend….

Jackson Lake and Mt Moran
Jackson Lake and Mt Moran

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