Morning Coffee – Walking

As we move through our Spring months here in Wyoming, like much of the country we have been experiencing unusual Spring weather even for us.  Lots of rain, snow, thunder storms and just kind of miserable weather.  This morning however was different.  Woke up early and looked outside to see a beautiful warm sunny morning.  About time I said to myself…

Without hesitation I grabbed a cup of coffee and went for a morning walk.  My favorite walk is just over 3 miles round trip and basically it just takes me down our main road that leads to our home.  Just a beautiful morning for a walk.  The temperature was a very nice 50 degrees, lots of sun, just perfect.

As I made the turn out of my driveway and down to the corner the main road is pretty much a straight shot south.  On both sides of the road are farms with much of them dedicated to cattle and hay.  This road, Allred Road sits almost squarely in the middle of Star Valley on the Afton end.  We are completely surround by mountain ranges.  This time of year is simply… well green.

As usual I ran out of coffee fairly quick but the morning air was heavenly and the views spectacular.  Truly blessed to live in this part of Wyoming.  I have my favorite spot to make my turn around  which is this fence line you see here.

I headed back home already thinking about my next cup of hot coffee.  As I make my way back and turn onto our street I can see my home and being the coffee freak I seem to be I headed straight for my kitchen.  Another beautiful start to another Authentic Wyoming day.


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