Morning Coffee – A COLD Fall Morning…

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We woke up again this morning to another beautiful fall day here in the Yellowstone basin!  But this morning unlike many of the ones over the past few weeks was really cold.  As we pulled from our driveway this morning on our way to drop Brynn off at school the temp gauge was reading 28 degrees.  By the time we got across the Snake River it was 25 degrees and even colder north of town.

The Snake River looked pretty cool as there was steam coming off of the water and for that to happen the air temp must be colder than the water.  Trust me, the Snake River is not something to wade in this time of year as the water temperatures have dropped quite a bit.  Anyway we dropped Brynn off and headed to the coffee shop and then north of town again.

Now forgive us as our camera was acting up this morning but I think you will enjoy our little adventure.  We were alone this morning and the animals were right next to our truck at every turn.  We took our time and sat and watched the three moose in the pics for quite some time.  They were eating the sage next to the road and for the most part ignored us.  Been then they decided to check us out and we rolled away as they headed to us.  Very cool!

All in all we saw antelope, buffalo, moose, geese and most certainly some spectacular views of the valley.  On this morning we passed through Kelly, Wyoming, past the entrance to the Gros Ventre canyon, over to Antelope flats and Mormon Row and then home again.  Another great way to share a cup of java!

2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – A COLD Fall Morning…”

  1. Wonderful! Loved the “end of the road” pic.

    When we were in your area, we longed to see a moose. We missed one at the GTNP Visitor’s Center by a hour. On our last day in WY, as we left Yellowstone through the northeast entrance, we saw one, far off in a meadow. Oh, to be as close as you were in these pictures!

  2. Hey Jason – thanks for the props! I see moose almost everyday I am out. I will be sure to take more for you as the opportunity comes available. I wanted to invite you to also check out our new Social Network Community for Jackson Hole Tim. You can create your own free account and interact with other people who have the same passion for this area. Check it out at – love to have you as a member!

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