Abby Gershuny and Brock Jennings Record Nickel Creek Cover…

Abby Gershuny
Abby Gershuny

Earlier this past year we wrote a post about one of our favorite music artists that we have come to know very well.  Abby Gershuney has stayed with us several time over the past year while she worked her magic at the Jackson Hole Playhouse.  Abby can sing, dance, act, she can do it all but when she sings she makes people smile.

Brock Jennings

All of you who know us know our son Brock Jennings.  Brock is another amazingly talented singer song writer and he has an amazing voice.  Abby was staying with over the Christmas Holiday while she worked for the playhouse.  Not sure why they do but they waited until the last day to actually lay down some tracks.  Abby had to return to New York City for while.

One of the tracks they laid down was not one of their own but a cover from Nickel Creek titled “When You Come Back Down”.  Although this is a rough, uncut, unfinished track  I wanted to share this with all of you.  I hope you like it.  If you do please let us know we would love to see these two play this summer here in Jackson Hole and maybe some other areas too.

Click on Player below to listen to “When You Come Back Down”
“When You Come Back Down” Recorded by Abby Gurshuney and Brock Jennings, Produced by Brock Jennings, Written by Nickel Creek

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