Happy Thanksgiving From Jackson Hole…

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I woke up early today, not sure why but it was still dark out.  Wow today is Thanksgiving I thought!  I looked out the window and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful morning, although cold here in Jackson.  I got dressed and headed for my first cup of coffee.  This morning it was a challenge finding a place that was open but I managed to secure a cup and off I went.

The elk hunt is still on so you have to be a bit careful where you go.  Today was a fairly interesting day. It was a beautiful morning with some light clouds and there was plenty to see.  North of town around antelope flats was full of animals and other photo opportunities.  There were two grizzly bear sows with cubs in the area and some photographers with huge lenses got some great pics.

Over the sound of hunters shooting for their elk I found a spot with 17 (as I counted) moose just hanging out.  Over the sound of gun shots you could hear the sound of clashing antlers as at least 6 large males were jousting with each other.  I also found a few lone elk who had made it though the gauntlet to safe ground around the elk refuge.  All in all I had a great morning and wanted to share it with you all.


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