Abby Gurshuney’s “Alive Again”

“Alive Again” Recorded by Abby Gurshuney,
Produced by Brock Jennings, Written by Zack Hess

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Abby Gershuny
Abby Gershuny

Earlier this summer my daughter Brynn was involved with the Jackson Hole Playhouse and she had a small part in the production “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”.  Abby Gershuny was one of the stars of the show and Brynn and our family became very close with Abbey.

Towards the end of the summer Abbey made the hard decision to extend her stay here in Jackson Hole rather than going back to New York City for auditions and finished the extended part of the show. Abby stayed with us and for the entire month of August and our home became a home away from home for Abby and many other actors and actresses from the show.

What we did not know was how uber talented all of the kids really were.  Abby, Kyle, Ben, Brock, Zac and a few others worked tirelessly to produce a few new songs and recording of these songs in time for Abby to take them back to New York.  “Alive Again” is one of the songs they completed and we have posted her song in our MUSIC section for all to hear.  Abby is not only a wonderful person but an amazing voice and everyone needs to listen to this song.

To play this song click on the player above or go to the Main Page of our “Jackson Hole Tim Social Network” and in the right hand column of the “MAIN” page we have added a music player towards the bottom.  Look for “Alive Again” and play it as much as you want.  When you have listened to it a few times give Abby a shout!  For me – this young artist is one to keep on your radar.  We were blessed to have her in our home for the time we did.

3 thoughts on “Abby Gurshuney’s “Alive Again””

  1. I agree, she is one to keep on the radar. Love the voice!

    Hey we are thinking about “doing the elk feed ground” with our kids this winter. Where else can you see thousands of elk in one place? Any suggestions on which month to visit and family budget friendly places to stay?

  2. Yes Abby has quite the voice!

    Well there are two right here in town with the most popular one being the National Elk Refuge which is just outside the town border to the north. Typically there are more than 8,000+ elk in the refuge on any given day. There are also sleigh rides you can take right from town into the middle of the elk. It is very cool thing to do but dress warm. The elk start to show up when the snow starts to fall in the upper elevations.

    As for accommodations my neighbor owns the Rustic Inn which is right next to the refuge – here is their website: . There is also the Lexington Inn is another nice place and probably a bit more reasonable in price – and also check out the Ranch Inn which in right in town. Clean rooms and reasonable pricing – . I hope this helps.

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