Wyoming Through My Lens… After a lifetime of taking pictures and starting with cameras that actually used real film all the way to current day where the digital SLR is king.  I just love taking pictures of anything Wyoming.  Up til now this has really been just a hobby.  But as I approach the end of my 33rd year as an International Health Insurance broker and I look forward to the future I find that in addition to my Plains Indian influence art I find that I want to spend more and more time behind the lens.

My kids are grown now and my last one is about to leave the nest real soon.  Peyton and I really enjoy jumping in the truck and venturing out to see what my lenses can capture.  The wildlife, scenic vistas, historical places, Yellowstone Basin and even taking time to shoot some commercial picture for the Real Estate Market should keep me busy.

I invite you to take time and peruse my Jackson Hole Tim website and see some of what it is we do.  All of the images you find on this website are available for purchase.  You can order them as a digital download, a print, metal print, acrylic mount or just the full digital file.  I am not a print shop so this is a work in progress.  I have great hopes of also building a stock photo side of this site so those of you who may simply need an image for a website or even just a webpage you might find an image that will work.

Watch for my truck when you are out and about.  Please do not hesitate to come up and say hi I would love to meet you.  Peyton and I will be taking our cell phones, satellite phone, laptop and of course my camera gear and heading out each week to find new and interesting material to photograph and hopefully showcase some of the better shots right here on

If you would like to contact me for a project or you are looking for some special shots that you may want to take to print and place in your Wyoming home reach out to me by phone @ (307) 690-0427 or via email “”