Wyoming Soul Pendant

When you work in different mediums you have two choices during the creation of a project. One is to discard the remnants of the medium you are working in or you can save it and repurpose them into something inspiring.

Catlinite (Sacred Pipestone) Eagle Pipe with Teton Range

This pendant necklace is one of those creations. Many that know me as an artist know I have crafted functional Native American Style pipes for more than 25 years. The pipe image above is a perfect example of what I am talking about. During the process there are pieces of stone that become remnants of the crafting process. I keep every piece of stone with hopes that I may give it a new life. This stone for thousands of years is considered sacred to many of the First Nations People throughout North America. Needless to say I take the use of this stone personal.

Wyoming Catlinite Soul Pendant

This simple but elegant pendant is created from some of those remnant stone pieces. It’s genesis came from a piece of flat stone that sat on my desk for years and I would pick it up and rub it between my fingers when taking time to get lost in thought. I found this to be rather cathartic and I always seems to be in a better places after having the stone in my hand. The result of this is this Catlinite triangular pendant that is backed by a full back plate with bezel of Sterling Silver. The necklace lace is braided leather that features a sterling lobster style clasp. The necklace shown above is 17 Inches long plus the clasp.

This is one of the pieces that can be custom ordered from my shop so if a longer necklace is desired then we can do that at the time the piece is crafted. I call this the WYOMING SOUL PENDANT, a simple yet elegant piece that when stressed or in deep thought you can reach up and grab the stone between your fingers and gently rub it and sense the positive energy. Hopefully this sacred stone can bring you to a better spiritual place.

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