Thank you for your visit. Effective March 1st, 2023 we will no longer be shipping lumber, flute blank supplies or other items previously found on Jacksonholetim.com. Our focus will be on my art. Thank you to all who have patronized us over the years. On to the next chapter.

Commissioned Art

My focus is changing to work exclusively on my art. I will be building more custom flutes and expanding focus on my JHT Kitchen art. Over the coming weeks the pages and navigation on this site will reflect these changes. You can still order flutes and kitchen art from my buy calling, email and in some cases an Online purchase solution. We will no longer be supporting flute building in any capacity.


I will be spending more time blogging this year with focus on my love for Wyoming and my art. Time to get back to some writing which was the genesis for Jacksonholetim more than 20 years ago. Stay tuned…

If you need to contact Timothy Jennings please email timjen333@gmail.com or feel free to call 307-690-0427. Blessing to all!

Commissioned & Custom Art Only

Commissioned Functional Wyoming Art

Award Winning Functional Art

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