Acrylic Orange 6 Hole Under Construction

Pre-Bored Flute Blanks Ready for Glue up
UPDATE – New 6 Hole Flute Ready for Final Paint (ORANGE)

Orange Alaskan Yellow Cedar Flute

This almost completed 6 hole flute is crafted from Old Growth, First Generation cut Alaskan Yellow Cedar.   Flute bore is 7/8″ in diameter and she has been tuned to G @432 Hz.

Acrylic Orange Alaskan Yellow Cedar 5 Hole Native American Style Flute
Six Hole Sister Flute Shipped Previously

Flute is finished inside with the same color orange so that no areas show the natural Alaskan Cedar coloring.  Flute features my signature hand shaped aesthetic and we have added totem Rails that simplifies keeping the fetish aligned and focused on the cutting edge. These aesthetics come only from a hand shaped Jackson Hole Tim flute.

image of another Acrylic Red flute previously sold

The Totem or Fetish selected for this flute is my whimsical interpretation of the wild Wyoming Mustang.  Completely hand carved and shaped from a solid piece of old growth maple.  This fetish features a chimney design so proper placement is easy to accomplish.

Overall target length is around 23 3/4″ long with the playing holes spaced at 1 1/8″ apart for the bottom 3 playing holes and the upper two are  set  1 1/16″ apart on center.  There is a 2 3/8″ space between the #3 and #4 holes.  Finished with a high gloss lacquer with more than 20 hand rubbed coats applied. Leather accent are our hand cut Wyoming Black Bison.  Ships with a protective bag. 

Sound Sample from Previous Red Flute

Construction Update

This flute has entered the final finishing stages of construction. The final color is to be Orange and the flute has been tuned to a 6 Hole flute and NOT a 5 Hole. Recording of this flutes voice should be available this weekend.

Available for Purchase

This flute is only a week or two from completion and can be purchased now.

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