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Native American PipeOn this page you will find blank sets that I have personally selected for construction for many of my new Native American Styled flutes that I am in the process of building.  Included will be some flutes and Native American pipes that are in different phases of building.  In the end these all of my flutes are voiced here in the Tetons and my pipes are crafted with a keen awareness of Mother Earth that surrounds me.  As I complete each project they will be moved to our Native American Flutes Menu or to our Plains Influenced Art Menu where there they will be presented for purchase.


Some of the projects below are commissioned projects and will be so labeled.  I want to share the journey and story for each of these so you can follow along to their completion.  If you are seeking a flute, pipe or special jewelry piece please contact me and we can see about putting you on the schedule.

Projects Under Construction

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Acrylic Orange Update

Just completed roughed shaping and placement of tuning holes. Final shaping under way

07/15/2020 – This Alaskan Yellow Cedar flute has been roughed shaped and tuning hole placement pre-drilled.  Final shaping and sanding under way.  To be finished in high gloss Acrylic Orange just like the picture below.  Click Here for more on this flute… 

Alaskan Yellow Cedar in Acrylic Orange with Maple Totem Rails and Mustang Fetish

Big Red #2 In Finishing

07/12/2020 –  The second Big Red Colored flute is in the finishing stages.  The Mustang Fetish has been rough shaped and in a week or so this FIVE HOLE flute will be ready for a home.  Another beautiful acrylic painted Alaskan Yellow Cedar Flute.

JHT Kitchen Spoon

07/12/2020 – Under construction 2 JHT Kitchen true Honduran Mahogany Medium wooden spoons.  Jackson Hole Tim Functional Art.  CLICK HERE for more info…

Big Red #2 Takes Shape

0/6/09/2020 – The first of the 3 flutes mentioned below was shaped and tuned to G.  She went to paint today and should be in the finishing stages shortly.  All in all a very nice flute.  CLICK HERE for more info…

3 New Acrylic Flutes

05/21/2020 – Ready for glue-up are 3  new Alaskan Yellow Cedar flutes that will be painted in the 3 colors shown.  These are available for pre-order now.  The red and orange are 7/8″ bores and the blank is a larger 1 1/8″ bore.  CLICK HERE  to view recent blog post about these options.  For pre-order information reach out via email to “sales@jacksonholetim.com”.

Texas Juniper D @ 440


04/24/2020 – Ready for tuning… This is a 1″ bore flute body voiced with a fundamental note of D @440Hz.  Shaped and ready for tuning.  This body features a wider focusing channel and stunning aesthetic appeal .  Click Here for more information on this flute…

Custom Fetish Shipped

03/09/2020 – I just complete this butterfly fetish today and shipped it to the customer.  After some modest changes to the owners flute and making sure the fetish works well we shipped it out today.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar D @ 432Hz


03/09/2020 – 1″ Bore six hole flute crafted from Alaskan Yellow Cedar.  Features Sapodilla totem rails and a Sapodilla Mustang fetish.  Flute has been shaped and voiced.  Entering the final finishing stages.  Click Here for more information on this flute…

Port Orford Cedar 1″ Bore D @ 440Hz

03/05/2020 – Recently added to our menu system as available.  This is a 1″ Bore Port Orford Cedar Flute with River Reclaimed Sapodilla Totem Rails and Mustang  Totem also crafted from Sapodilla.  Elk Antler Cabochon being added to this project.  Click Here for current information on this flute…

Russian Olive Blanks

03/05/2020 – Just finished cutting and sizing seven Russian Olive flute blanks.  Four of these are being bored with a 7/8″ bore and 3 will be 3/4″.  All seven blanks are matched sets cut from the same board.  Call or email me if interested.

Acrylic Gun Metal Blue 7/8″ Bore

03/05/2020 – This is a 7/8″ Bore six hole flute that is crafted from Alaskan Yellow Cedar with Maple Totem Rails.  Currently in the finishing stages.   Click Here for more information on this flute…

New Black Flute Being Shaped

05/30/2019 – I am just finishing the shaping on another Alaskan Yellow Cedar Flute that will be painted black just like it’s big brother above.  This flute features a 7/8″ bore and will be in the F/G range when voiced.  Fetish will be the Mustang Fetish shown here and the totem rails are again in maple.

Six New Flutes Under Construction

Port Orford Cedar Commission Complete

This commission began 04/17/2017 and today we have completed what began as a new journey for a new client in Cave Creek Arizona.  This commission was for an Old Growth Port Orford Cedar flute tuned to the key of A @440Hz.  This six hole flute features a set of Sapodilla Fetish Rails and an inlaid Sapodilla Cutting Edge.  Fetish is is a new whimsical horse head design and Elk leather accents.   This flute is now finished and it turned out real nice.

Sound Sample Port Orford Cedar

Five New Flutes -Available

ALL six of these flutes are being built without a commission.  However if you are interested in customizing one of these 6 reach out to me and we can discuss options.  Link to pages are available to those with updates.

  1. Black Walnut Drone Flute – this drone flute features a 1 ” bore and has been fully shaped.  Tuned to the Key of D @440 Hz.  This will be a six hole flute when done.  Fetish is under construction.
  2.  Texas Juniper Flute – this flute features a 1″ inch bore and plans are to tune it to an E or E# @ 432 Hz with the 4 winds tuning holes and the blanks are matched.  This is a beautiful piece of juniper for sure.


2.  Port Orford Cedar – this flute features a 1″ inch bore and plans are to tune it to an D or D#, or an E @ 440Hz with the 4 winds tuning holes and the blanks are matched.  Beautiful Old Growth Port Orford Cedar which is very hard to find.


3.  American Black Walnut – this flute features a 7/8″ inch bore and plans are to tune it to an F or F#, @ 440Hz ,the blanks are not matched but from same board.  Nice Walnut coloring with some sapwood.


4.  Alaskan Yellow Cedar – this flute features a 1″ inch bore and plans are to tune it to an C# or D, @ 440Hz with the 4 winds tuning holes and the blanks are matched.  Beautiful Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar which is very hard to find.


5.   Alaskan Yellow Cedar – this flute features a 1″ inch bore and plans are to tune it to an D, D# or E, @ 440Hz with the 4 winds tuning holes and the blanks are matched.  Beautiful Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar which is very hard to find.


7 Pipe Commission

Commission Updates:


The pipes start to take shape and I am close to getting the final design set.  Once that has happened then I will finish cutting and boring the rest of the stone.  Pipe stems will be next…


Update:  All 7 pipes are now complete.  They are going through some final detailing.  They will ship out within a week to their new home in Canada.  Pictures of all pipes will soon be added to this site but here is one of them so you can see how they are turning out.


I am starting a new project for a real special event that will take place in March of 2017.  I am building 7 Womens pipes that will be given in ceremony to each of seven women clan members-students who have been studying Mother Earth teachings with Jesse-Blue Forrest Sequoyah-Blue Deer Eagle in Canada for four years and with Sandra Moon Dancer for the past seven to nine years. Under the guidance of Sequoyah-Blue Deer Eagle, they have built two Medicine Wheels in Ontario and five Medicine Wheels in Iceland. They are supporting Blue’s vision of the Tree of Peace Unity Walk.


This is a great honor for me to have been selected as the pipemaker for this project.  The pipestone above will be the birthplace for these pipes.  This stone was hand quarried in Pipestone Minnesota earlier this summer and traveled a long distance to me here in Jackson Wyoming.  Each pipe will have a different totem carved into the pipe each totem representing each woman from her Clan.

Tomahawk Personal Pipe (available)


tomahawk_motherearth_02This pipe is just about finished.  This tomahawk style pipe is actually a really nice pipe.  The stone is two toned with the more traditional catlinite red on one side and a more pink color on the other.  The natural imperfection in the stone represents Mother Earth with two feathers.  The other side has a buffalo skull etched in the stone.  Pipe bowl is 1/2″ in diameter and 1 3/4″ deep. The width across the stone is approximately 3 5/8″.  Pipe stem is crafted from a piece of Black Willow and is about 15″ long.  A grove had been cut in the stem so you can hang feathers or other totems from the stem and enough gap between stem and stone can also accommodate adornment.  This pipe has been smoked with another stem to check it out and I like how it smokes.  The shallow bowl is perfect for enough tobacco for personal use and still have a nice smoke.  The only thing left is some detail work and a polish.  Available for Purchase.

Black Willow Flute tuned @ 444Hz


I will start a new commission flute this week for one of my favorite clients Mary…  This flute will be crafted from the Black Willow blank seen above.  However the tuning on this flute will be modified from the current 440Hz to 444Hz.  Not sure of the key as I think the blank will tell me where it wants to live.  This will be a very nice flute when completed.

Update – This flute project is complete.  The owner Mary wanted to finish the flute with her own special anointing oil so we will ship it sanded, tuned, ready for her to coat the flute and fetish in her oils.  The flute was tuned to F @ 444 Hz as requested and with a 1″ inch bore this is a very nice sounding flute.


Ready for Western Design Conference


Status: Project Completed

Each Fall here in Jackson Hole a Conference is held that is one of the elite places for Functional Art to be displayed, sold and judged.  The Western Design Conference is the premier place for artists like myself to showcase their best art.  This fall I will be entering one of my pieces to be juried and judged by the best of the best.

I have chosen the theme for my entry and I want to share with you my journey over the next few months.  There will be two pieces, a pipe and a flute with a common theme running through the whole piece.  Below is a drawing I have made for the pipe that I will start today.  The flute will also be started this weekend and this will be one of the toughest projects I will undertake.


This Art project is available for purchase.  Delivery will not be available until after the Western Design Conference has completed in early September.  Follow me on this journey and see how it goes…


07/15/2016 Update:  This pipe is turning out to be a bear…. so to speak.  The stone is harder than I had hoped but all in all it is making progress towards being the pipe I had in my head.  The theme of the eagle over the Tetons is starting to come together.  From the image above you can see the face of the determined eagle, the feathers are outlined and the Teton Range is starting to take shape.  The pipe stem will be crafted out of Black Willow. 

Spirit of the Pipe NAF Flute – Commissioned


spiritofpipe_18_b7208/01/2016 Update:  Today I finished this flute Commission.  This was a journey of love and I actually am pleased with the results.  I only hope the power rendered from the Sacred Pipe that I made earlier this year will carry over to this flute. I hope that the same energy is transferred to the Indigenous People of Canada as this flute is carried with the pipe along the Tree of Peace Unity Walk in the coming months.  A very nice project completed.



07/15/2016 Update:  After many more hours of shaping, sanding and tuning the flute body is finally just about done.  It is in the final stages of the finishing process and next I will turn my focus to the fetish which has not yet been determined what it will be.  Getting closer.


After hours of shaping and hand sculpting the Cantlinite (Sacred Pipestone) mouth piece I am almost ready to tune this flute and brings it’s voice to life.  Currently constructing a cabachon that will soon find a home in the top of the flute body.  Still some fine tunning on the final shape but I am getting close.

spiritofpipe_02Recently I delivered a Native Styled pipe to the Eastern Ojibwe in Canada.  This flute is a continuation of this pipe.  The pipe which will be carried across Canada for the upcoming Tree of Peace Unity Walk will have this flute as it’s companion.  I have named this flute the Spirit of the Pipe.

This is a 1″ inch bored flute crafted from Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar.  The mouth piece is being crafted from remnants of the pipe I mentioned above.  The same sacred stone that was used for the pipe will also be used in the construction of this flute.  Not yet crafted – a hand made cabochon will be set in a silver bezel and inlaid into the flute.  Some other pipestone additions are sure to be added but you will have to follow this page to see how this flute comes to life.

Commissioned Walnut Flute Finished


UPDATEThis Commissioned project has now been completed.  This flute will be delivered to it new owner in the coming days.  All in all I am very proud of this  flute.  Watch for an upcoming blog post about this project where I will share it’s final phase of construction.


jkrohn_04_DSC0445I wanted to update the continuation of the journey this commissioned flute has advanced to.  After consulting with the buyer they settled on a fetish that had a bird of prey theme.  Because I have more than 10 Bald Eagle nests within a couple of miles of my home here on the Snake River I spent several hours watching these magnificent bird fly and decided on a theme based on the male eagles diving to the river for fish.

jkrohn_03_DSC0444These pictures highlight the progress of this flute.  We have selected a stone to be bezel set in sterling silver and inlaid into the body of the flute.  A beautiful piece of Idaho Picture Jasper is shown just laying on the top of the flute where it will eventually be inlaid.  There is now a groove where a set of feathers will hang in adornment.  The leather accents are set to be made from hand cut Elk hides.  We are still working on additional accents if any as this flute is simply turning out to be stunning, a real good example of simple elegance.


Port Orford Cedar Flute Started

POC_1Inch_DSC0512Clearly one of my favorite wood species to work with when I can get it.  The is nothing like Old Growth First Generation Cut Port Orford Cedar.  Just about ready to come out of the clamps this 1 inch bore flute is going to be a beauty.  Normally I do not start POC flutes unless I have a buyer but this time I could not help myself.  This flute is available and can still be customized to your liking. Like the two listed below this flute will also come in somewhere between a C# and a E# and like the others it will also feature the 4 Winds tuning holes giving this Port Orford Cedar flute a really nice aesthetic.  Reach out to me if interested… otherwise check back from time to time to see how this flute progresses.

Another Commissioned Flute

AYC_1Inch_DSC0513I have just started another Commissioned flute that will go to a previous customer.  This flute is being crafted from a very nice piece of Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar.  I have some very special plans for this flute that you will simply have to check back here to see how this flute progresses.

This flute will probably come in around a D# or E or at least that is the plan.  There will be some really nice touches added to this flute and once it is finished I will share the vision for this piece.  This flute is also in the clamps as I write this…

Just Started – Available


This new flute is being crafted from a beautiful piece of Texas Juniper.  It was glued up today and this matched blank set features a 1 Inch Bore.  Probably going to be a D or E flute when voiced.  This flute will feature the 4 Winds Tuning Holes and because of it long aesthetics this is going to be a stunning flute.  If you are interested this flute is available for purchase.  There is still time to customize this flute to your liking .  Contact me at “timjen333@gmail.com” with questions.

Spirit of the Pipe

I just confirmed a new project that I will start shortly.  This new commissioned flute will find a new home in Canada with the Eastern Ojibwe tribe and it will accompany a pipe that was delivered just this week.  This flute will hopefully be part of the Tree of Peace Unity Walk that will take place over the next two years.


The name I have given to this project is “Spirit of the Pipe”.  This build will join remnants from the Eagle Pipe I made and incorporate them into the flute that will be crafted.  This flute will be made from Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar – as for the rest of the journey stay tuned as I will post pictures of the progress but as of now I do not want to share the details…

Black Walnut NAF Started


Black_Walnut_D_031616_01_DSC0391I have just completed the initial shaping of a new flute that may end up being spoken for.   As of now this flute is available and this is going to be a really nice flute from what I can see.   A long flute with an elegant aesthetic and is just about ready to go through the tuning process.  Looks to be a low D.

BLKWALNUT_AYCRAILS_01_DSC0437This flute is crafted from Old Growth Black Walnut I sourced from the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains.  A story in itself but more on that later.  I have attached two rails to the windway area  made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar.  No fetish has been selected.  The area in front of the windway is perfect to set a bezel set stone of some sort.  If you have an interest in this flute or one like it contact me at “timjen333@gmail.com“.

Commissioned Flute – The Selection



I have just received a new commission for a new flute with a stand.  This commission will be going to a home in Scottsdale Arizona when complete.  The owner of this new flute has be generous enough to give me complete freedom to create the theme of the this flute.

The blanks in the picture above are all blanks I have selected and each one has its own character.  Just so you know there are two Black Walnut blanks (old growth), one Alaskan Yellow Cedar, One Port Offord Cedar and one Texas Juniper.  Check back from time to time as I will update this post and the progress.

Black Locust Native Styled Flute – Finished


BlackLocust_002_01I am currently finishing a new flute that is actually turning out to be one of my favorites.  This little flute is hand crafted from Black Locust a very hard domestic wood that most people find not desirable.  Perfect…  This flute features a very small 1/2″ bore and sounds very similar in tone to a Irish Penny Whistle – or at least I think so.

BlackLocust_002_03I had enough material to cut 3 blank sets of which I have only bored one (this one) so I have two more left.  Because of its very small size I decided to put both front and back hand cut signature steps to balance out the aesthetics of this flute.  The focusing channel is only 1/4″ wide and it creates a really nice back pressure when played.

BlackLocust_002_04The overall dimension of this flute is only 17″ long and no more than 1 1/4″ wide at the widest point.  The fetish is whimsical with no real representation of anything in particular and it is crafted from a left over piece of Cocobolo (I think).  Normally I do not use exotics but rather than throw the piece out I re-purposed it for this flute.

This would be the perfect backpackers flute because of the toughness of the Black Locust – or when you see it finished you would be proud to display it in your home or office.  This is not a commissioned piece and it will be available in about a week.  This flute will be added to our Native American Flute menu list shortly.  If you have an interest in this flute contact me at timjen333@gmail.com.

Updated Picture 03/20/2016 Finished Flute

Commissioned Pipe – Delivered


20160228_161309Late February I was commission by the Western Ojibwe to craft a pipe for a special purpose.  The pipe I am building will be given at Ceremony in Canada to a member of the Western Ojibwe tribe that will embark on a two year journey walking across Canada bringing the message of peace and healing to the people and tribal people of Canada.  They will be planting over 50 trees along the way.  The entire trip will be documented in film.

20160306_183110The commission request was to build an eagle pipe that was unique and representative of the vision the Ojibwe elders were seeking.  After several phone calls and email exchanges I had my marching orders.  This pipe has now been under construction of just about 1 month.  I am about 95 percent there.  There is still some fine detail and polishing to be done.



20160306_183134I am currently working on the pipe stem which is hand crafted out of a single piece of Black Willow.  Each tribe has their traditions and each tribe has different things they will do with the pipe stem in the way of decorations.  After a couple of tries I think are just about there with the pipe stem.  The stem you see in these pictures will not be the final stem used.  I am building a new stem out of the same piece of wood in order to meet their special needs.

ojibwa_04_DSC0352When the pipe is finished it will be shipped to Canada and it’s new home.  I am hoping to see pictures or video of the ceremony this spring where the pipe will be blessed.  I am so honored to have been selected by the elders to build this special pipe.  When finished I will post complete pictures of the finished pipe on this website.  If you wish to commission  a pipe with me contact me at “timjen333@gmail.com“.

Commissioned Pipe – Delivered

Native American Pipe

This personal pipe was crafted for a gentleman in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The pipestone use for this personal pipe was the remnants from another eagle pipe I made a couple of years ago.  I throw nothing out from the sacred pipestone and try to use as much of it as I can.

3featherspipe_2The pipe had carved into the long part of the stone 2 feathers, one on each side.  An eagles head on one side and a representation of a tepee on the other.  The pipe-stem was crafted from Old Growth Black Walnut that I
gathered from the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountain outside of Boulder Colorado.

3featherspipe_1The stem was decorated with hand cut bison hide lace, crow glass beads and an owl feather (replica) wrapped in traditional trade cloth and sinu.  Over all this was a very cool little pipe and as I understand it the owner smokes it (tobacco only) twice each year on two special days that have meaning for the family.


Black Locust NAF Flute – Completed


This six hole Native American Styled flute was crafted from Old Growth, 1st generation cut Black Locust from  eastern slopes of the Colorado Rockies.  This is the very same Black Locust I used on the flute listed above.

BlkLocust_02_DSC0338This flute measures 23 1/2″ long (measured on top) and features a 3/4″ inch bore gives this F# a nice bright tone.  Features my signature step in front of the windway.  Simple in design I added our Otter fetish block which was crafted from the same piece of Black Locust.  Leather accents are hand cut Bison and is Dark Brown in color.  Click Here To See This Flute For Sale.

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  1. Hi Tim , I am really liking your new pages , and I read it all , always looking for better ideas! Hey about a month ago you were going to get back to me on how install the 4 wind holes when making or tuning the flute, I have ideas , but don’t want to mess up a flute under construction, well you must of got busy an forgot me, so I put myself at yor mercy to please inform me HOW to DO??? As always your Friend in NAF!! Bob

  2. Thank you Tim for the router bits. Def the best prices I found. I was able to check out your work you are doing, great art!
    I will be following your work in the future.

  3. Hello Tim, I was looking for your flute blanks but I don’t see your shopping cart anymore. Do you still sell them? The juniper I got from you has turned out really nice. Hope your not out of business. Tom Johns

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