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“Wide Awake” Drops to Streaming Platforms

Wyoming’s own artist Brock Jennings releases two songs from his upcoming second album “Wide Awake”.  The Title Track to this album is the song “Wide Awake” is now available to purchase and Stream on all music platforms.

After almost 2 years of writing, re-writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering Brock releases the two of 10 songs on this production.  Recorded in Jackson Hole Wyoming this long awaited release will not disappoint.

Currently two of the ten songs are now streaming on ALL music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google, iHeart, Pandora and more with the third song about to be released shortly.  If you subscribe to any of these add Brock Jennings to your playlists and support Local Artists.

Exclusive to Jackson Hole Tim

“Wide Awake” Then new album from Wyoming Music Artist Brock Jennings is available here for the first time in it’s entirety.  Brock has given us permission to post all ten songs from his newly debuted album Wide Awake.

Brock Jennings is “Authentic Wyoming”

WIDE AWAKE  (MP3’s) – $.99 cents each

Download Wide Awake and Coming Home

Brock Jennings & Abby Gershuny New Song Bounce…

Brock Jennings and Abby Gershuny Original

Brock Jennings Jackson Hole Wyoming

There are times when one sits and ponders about things that really can make a difference in their lives.  For me my son Brock Jennings and his fantastic girlfriend Abby Gershuny certainly fulfills that which is lacking sometimes in my day.  Although Brock is my son I can honestly say that he is one of the brightest young talents I have ever known – even though he has not yet been discovered by the masses he is certainly deserving of the effort.

Abby Gershuny Sherman Oaks

Abby is an amazingly talented woman soon to be superstar I am sure.  But it is her voice that captures me on a regular basis and when the two of them come together in a song it is pure magic.  Their new song Bounce can no longer wait for people to hear.  In my opinion they are ready for prime time.  All original and self produced these two have what it takes.  Brock’s latest production of Bounce is one that I think will flat reach out and grab you – so take a moment and check it out below.  Then please give us some feedback – I want to brag a little….

Listen to Bounce – Copyright Brock Jennings 2015

Cherry Wood Native American Flute – Made In Jackson Hole…

NEW Cherry Wood Flute, Backpacker – Key of A – $155

Another made in Jackson Hole product… 307 Flutes are a line of hand crafted flutes made entirely in Jackson Hole by award winning artist Timothy Jennings.  Check out their stuff…

This Cherry wood flute was Just finished. Because of its size this NAF flute would make a very nice back packer flute. Tuned to the Key of A this Native American five hole flute is hand crafted from reclaimed Cherry wood stock. This flute is 21 1/2 inches in length and features a 3/4″ flute bore. Please note that this flute was crafted entirely by hand including the flute bore. The cutting edge is built into the body of the flute and is not an inlay. The fetish is our otter series and it is made from the same Cherry wood stock as the flute body and cutting edge. The fetish is tied on using our hand cut Deer Leather, color is black.

This flute like all of our flutes was hand planed to achieve its signature shape. We have added a hand braided deer skin leather lace accent at the foot of the flute and there are 8 multicolored Crow Beads attached. Finished with more than 20+ light coats of high gloss lacquer. The inside of the flute bore and slow air chamber have also been sealed with many coats of finish to help prevent moisture absorption. The tonal quality of this flute is in the upper range and it is very easy to play and very forgiving. This flute feels really nice in your hands and the color of the reclaimed Cherry gives it a very nice look.

Cherry makes for a great sounding flute but as you can see from these pictures it too produces simple elegance. All flutes
ship with a hand crafted flute bag to protect the flute. Shipping is in addition to the price of the flute.  We ship all of our flutes via Fedex and shipping on this flute average $25.  Call us at (619) 435-6700 or email us at sales@tetonmarketing.com.

Local Music Artist Is One Of Our Best Kept Secrets…

It is interesting, Jackson Hole has actually quite of few very talents musicians that either live and work from here or got their start here.  One that comes to mind is Isaac Hayden who was raised here in Jackson and got his start here.  Now he is in Nashville doing his thing and he is actually doing a very solid job of getting his music out there.

Another local artist is Brock Jennings.  Brock used to work with Issac Hayden on occasion  playing drums for him as well as collaborating in song writing.  Brock’s genesis in music is that of a very accomplished drummer and he has played professionally since he was 10.  Recently Brock laid down tracks for another new band, Mod Era, also from Jackson.

Brock made the transition to singer song writer over several years and he recently released his first CD – “Coming Home”.  Over the next month or so we will try to highlight some of Brock’s music on this blog.  Below is a link to one of the songs (click on picture) on youtube off his Coming Home CD titled “Journey”. A simple video but I love this song.  Check it out and if you like it let us know.  Brock has a website at www.brockjennings.com so visit it if you like what you here.

Abby Gershuny and Brock Jennings Record Nickel Creek Cover…

Abby Gershuny
Abby Gershuny

Earlier this past year we wrote a post about one of our favorite music artists that we have come to know very well.  Abby Gershuney has stayed with us several time over the past year while she worked her magic at the Jackson Hole Playhouse.  Abby can sing, dance, act, she can do it all but when she sings she makes people smile.

Brock Jennings

All of you who know us know our son Brock Jennings.  Brock is another amazingly talented singer song writer and he has an amazing voice.  Abby was staying with over the Christmas Holiday while she worked for the playhouse.  Not sure why they do but they waited until the last day to actually lay down some tracks.  Abby had to return to New York City for while.

One of the tracks they laid down was not one of their own but a cover from Nickel Creek titled “When You Come Back Down”.  Although this is a rough, uncut, unfinished track  I wanted to share this with all of you.  I hope you like it.  If you do please let us know we would love to see these two play this summer here in Jackson Hole and maybe some other areas too.

Click on Player below to listen to “When You Come Back Down”
“When You Come Back Down” Recorded by Abby Gurshuney and Brock Jennings, Produced by Brock Jennings, Written by Nickel Creek