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Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar – Available


Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar Blanks Available Now

For many years flute makers all across this country used us as a source for quality flute blank materials.  The past couple of years we had to make some changes as we had to take care of family for a while.  Finally our family can now offer again to our new and existing customers a source for high quality Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Port Orford Cedar when available.

stock1_smI currently stock ready to ship pre-cut flute blank billets in a standard 24″ and 30″ lengths ready for you to cut to your needed dimensions.  All billets unless otherwise listed are either 2″ x 2″ or 1 15/16″ x 1 15/16″ square.  These are cut from hand select Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar Boards.  Each blank has a tight vertical grain and when cut or turned on a lathe these blanks will make beautiful sounding flutes.  This is the very same material I use here in my shop for my custom flutes.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar  Crafts A Beautiful Flute

Raven Themed Crafted from AYC

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is one of my favorite woods to craft flutes from.  As many of you know here in my shop use the two blank method where we bore the interior components of the flute and then glue the two halves back together when we have finished with the inside of the flute.  AYC when glued right will show virtually no glue joint.  And because you can cut your blanks from the same billet you end up with book matched blanks.

AYC with Cherry Rails, Fetish, Cabochon

This quality of AYC is extremely hard to come by, expensive to purchased and because of the high density of the grain the boards are heavy thus raising shipping costs.  But this material is worth every penny.  These two pictures provided here where both made by me out of this very same AYC.  The flute to the right ended up having a hand-made cabochon that I crafted from Cantlinite (Native American Pipestone) and it was bezel set in Sterling Silver.


I am selling blanks individually or in lots of 4 and 6 per box.  Each blank individually is $22 per 30″ blank and $19.75 per 24″ blank.  If you purchase a box of 4 you save 15% on the price of the box and 18% on a box of 6 plus shipping costs.  Each blank is individually shrink wrapped to help keep the wood stable at our altitude.

Wether you cut these billets into two halves or turn on a lathe and use a rifle boring machine to craft your flute bore you will love how easy AYC is to work with.  It finishes like glass and the tone of the flute is one we think is one of the best.

If you are wanting larger quantities of blanks simple email me with your request to “timjen333@gmail.com” or feel free to reach out to me by phone (307) 690-0427.  To view our page to for additional order information, stock and such CLICK HERE.