Ta Tanga Ax Dog

Native American Style Flute & Sculptured Stand

  • Runs With Buffalo “Ta Tanga Ax Dog”
    (Assiniboine, Fort Belknap, Montana)
  • Buffalo Running – “boy-shahn  doo-wyn ching”
    (Shoshone, Wind River Reservation, Wyoming)

“Buffalo” Translations 

  • In Assiniboine (Nakota Sioux) – “Ta Tanga”
  • In Lakota (Lakota Sioux) – “Tatanka”
  • In Shoshone (Wind River – Fort Hall Dialect) – “Bozheenai”

The importance of the North American Bison to the Plains Indians cannot be understated.  Once measured in the millions, the North American Bison (Plains Bison) was hunted almost to complete extinction in the mid 1880’s. The intent was to remove the Indians from the territories while at the same time eliminate potential hazards caused by large herds to the railroad which would soon occupy this land.

wdc_tatanaaxdog_sm_1This presentation is titled “Runs With Buffalo”.  Run’s With Buffalo is a tribute to this magnificent animal that has remained sacred to the Native American’s and today still roams free within the Yellowstone Basin here in Wyoming.  The Native American Styled Flute presented within this functional sculpture is a tribute to the Plains Indians that still occupy many of the lands here in Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas.  The buffalo fetish, or totem that sits on top of this flute is my vision of this majestic animal as it presents itself here in our native lands that surround Jackson Hole.  An attempt to blend the literal while at the same time preserving the whimsical vision I see when I am present with these ancient animals throughout the year.

Tatanka_Ax_Dog_02The functional Flute Stand Sculpture is hand carved from a single piece of Black Walnut trunk harvested from old growth walnut trees found on the eastern slopes of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Not indigenous to this part of Colorado, these trees were originally brought to the area around Boulder Colorado via the Oregon Trail many generations ago.  Hand selected, this crotch piece of wood blends the whiter sapwood with the darker traditional black walnut coloring which are the results of two separate branches coming together.  The two branches coming together represents to me the blending of the fetish and the flute into a single wind instrument completing my vision for this piece.

This fully functional six hole flute was handcrafted from the very same old growth black walnut harvested from this same part of Colorado.  Featuring the whimsical buffalo fetish with leather accents cut from a hand selected buffalo hides.  The stone work is a single cabochon crafted from Canadian Jade and bezel set in .999 Silver.   Voiced at the foot of the Teton’s this flute is tuned to the Key of E at 432 Hz (the healing frequency).  This 1 inch bored flute breathes in a deep healing tone.

“Runs With Buffalo”, “Ta Tanga Ax Dog” is a one of a kind piece that brings together the spirit of the plains Indians art of sound with the ghosts of the sacred buffalo that once roamed the great plains areas unobstructed and was truly the life’s blood of the Plains Indian People. 

Listen to Sound Sample from this flute

Artist – Timothy Jennings, Jackson, Wyoming
First Place at 2014 Western Design Conference
This piece is Available.  Commissions Available.

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