Microgreens at Haderlie Farms

Brock’s Stocks farm fresh microgreens can now be purchased from Haderlie Farms located in Thayne Wyoming.  In addition to being able to order from Haderlie Farms Online at Farm Match for delivery in Jackson Hole and Star Valley you can now pick them up directly at the Farm Store.  We are delivering several times per week fresh cut microgreen direct from our farm to theirs.

Many of you already stop by to buy one of our Farm Fresh sandwiches and fresh soups made daily.  Now you can order a Microgreen Salad as well.  If you want to check what Chef Brock has for any given day give us a call at 307-883-7070 and we can tell you what is on the menu and if you would like pre-order your artisan microgreen salad for easy pickup.

Also available through Haderlie Farms is Brock Stock’s Farm Fresh Salsas and both Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth and Chicken Bone Broths.  You can use these as a base for your favorite soups or heat them and drink daily as a daily tonic for ails you.  Add your favorite flavor profile to you morning broth and start your day out right.  Delivered to you frozen in quart size containers makes it easy to keep for long periods of time or simply thaw and use.  Brock’s Stocks bone broths are simply the best.

Haderlie Farms Delivers to Jackson

Remember you can order by phone or Online if you live in the Jackson area.  Haderlie Farms delivers 3 times per week to the Jackson area.  If you order Online you need to get your order in the day before delivery.  Haderlie Farms maintains their Online inventories on FARM MATCH – CLICK HERE to place your order.  Here is a list of what they have in stock now:

Microgreens Carries in the Store

The following microgreens we try to keep in stock in the farm store.  If you are planning to travel to Star Valley please CALL first 307-883-7070 and allow us to check on inventories.

  1. Mizuna
  2. Sunflower Shoots
  3. Tendril Peas
  4. Broccoli
  5. Mild Salad Mix
  6. Spicy Salad Mix

Special Orders Available

There are over 14 microgreens currently being grown for Haderlie Farms.  Check out Brock’s Stocks & Greens page to see more information.  You can place custom grow orders and we also deliver to restaurants in the Jackson area.  Call for more information if you are in the Food Service industry.

Contact Information

Haderlie Farms
981 North Main Street
Thayne, WY 83127
Phone: 307-883-7070
email: hf@silverstar.com