Black Walnut Drone D 444 Hz


American Black Walnut Drone – Key of D

Black American Walnut Drone flute with a 1″ inch bore.  Tuned to D @ 444 Hz.   Drone flutes are really cool to play yet they are a quite a bit larger than your normal flute and it takes some time to get used to handling.  The fetish design is our whimsical arrowhead theme.  This fetish also crafted from Black Walnut was craved from a single piece of walnut.  Leather accent lace will be our Wyoming Brown lace.

This is a large flute coming in at 28 1/2″ in overall length and just shy of 3″ in width.  Hole placement is within the same comfortable range as most of the large bore flute I build.  Bottom 3 holes are 1 1/8″ on center with 1 1/4″ between #3 and #4 holes.  Final three holes are set at 1 1/16″ apart on center.

“The walnut used in this flute as best we can tell came across the plains in the mid 1840’s.  Harvested from the Eastern slopes of the Colorado Rockies Walnut trees were brought by wagons along the Oregon Trail and planted around farm houses for the shade and the fruit these large trees produce”

Flute Maker Timothy Jennings


“So just one more “long” comment after spending major time with the new addition to my flute family…it takes a lot to leave me in so much amazement that I am speechless, yet that is how I felt sitting there with this flute. I am looking at all the details, the wood, the finish, the smoothness and trying to wrap my mind around how anybody could create something so visually perfect and at the same time with such a musical voice. One time you commented that maybe someday you would make me the perfect flute…I think the mission was accomplished. The more I play it and it gets it’s true voice, the more it sounds almost like a set of bagpipes and my daughter said that when she hears it she sees wide open spaces like you would find in Ireland or Scotland. Other times when played more softly the harmony is so smooth that it flows like fine silk. Each flute has it’s own mystery component and the details of this flute were absolutely divinely inspired in more ways than I can explain. While trying to wrap my mind around the “true” value of this instrument. I can only say that it couldn’t possibly have a price point that would match that value. These are the kinds of instruments you were meant to build, the priceless kind, that people will stand back in amazement and awe that they get to enjoy something so special. In our carbon copy world of commerce very few people get to sit in the presence of such incredible value. Hopefully these comments will stay with you as you continue to fellowship in the carpentry shop with the King of Carpenters! This morning I am celebrating the talent and excellence that make you the artist that you are and praying that only those who will truly appreciate your gifts get to enjoy them. Also praying that finances in abundance, come from unusual sources, to free you to create for this audience. Feel free to post all or part of this glowing recommendation on your blog…LOL! I am not a women of few words when she has something to say!”

Mary Blakeley, flute owner

Play Sample of Black Walnut Drone Flute Here:


This flute is also Available for Custom Order – email  DEPOSIT REQUIRED.