Rodeo Gallery

From the very early days of Summer to the early days of Fall twice per week you can find me at the Jackson Hole Rodeo.   Spend an evening with your family at the rodeo and share time with the cowboys, cowgirls and the live stock.  Experience a real piece of Americana.

DSC_0908Bravery comes in many forms but make no mistake, it takes a man with an incredible constitution to climb on the back of one of these very large and dangerous animals.  Behind the chutes you can find these brave young men going through all kinds of rituals as they prepare to ride.  Some jump up and down trying to shake off their fears, others practice their ride by sitting on their bronc saddles while they lay on the floorboards of the chute area.

DSC_0226Others walk around talking to themselves as if they are trying to convince one half of their other personality everything is ok while the other half is telling them NOT TO GO.  These men, and I mean men, come from long distances and they pay a handsome fee to ride and compete for the best score.  Most of them are clearly friends that come from the many ranches around the states of Idaho, Montana and of coarse, Wyoming.  This is the Jackson Hole Rodeo.

This gallery is some of what you might see when you go to a rodeo anywhere in this country.  But the cowboys you will see here in Jackson are still the real deal.  Country boys and girls from all over Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.   There is no better way to spend 3 hours when you visit here in the summer.

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