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Jackson Hole has been my home not for almost 16 years.  My first visit was in 1976 and from that time on this place put a hook in me.  Back in those days Jackson was still a place known for it’s western art.  Most of the art you found in those days was primarily influenced by the Plains Indians which is so much a part of our culture and history in the part of the west.

Today the most common concern I hear expressed in Jackson is the lack of Plains Indian Influenced Art.  The gallery market has morphed into something that in my humble opinion is far from those roots.  But as they say Art is in the eyes of the beholder and Jackson Hole is today one of the prime location for Western Influenced Art.

shop1All of my personal art comes in three separate forms, Photographic, Native American Styled Flutes, and Jewelry inspired by the spirit of those that inhabited this land long before me.  The images I take of this area are my view of life here through the lens of a camera.  The flutes, all hand crafted are voiced from a spirit that lives within the Teton Range, and the jewelry comes from the things I find in nature in and around this land.

This journey that I am not does not seem to have a clear path but this I know… there is something within these mountains, streams and meadows that speak to me and from that comes my art.

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