Bison Leather

Genuine American Buffalo leather (Bison leather) differs from cowhide in thickness and flexibility which translates into exceptionally great leather for the use in making Native American Style Flutes.   Bison leather can also be used for just about any project you can imagine.  Buffalo leather “grain” is more pronounced, and the fibers are thicker and more widely-spaced which results in a softer, more durable leather. Bison are also more free spirited so there is typically more character to Bison.

We search for the best hides we are able to source and we look for quality in hide thickness, color and texture.  Although we do not even begin to list the vast color pallets we are able to source it is important to note that we can find an amazing number of color pallets so keep this in mind if you are looking for something special.  We will be adding new color hides throughout 2018 and our goal is to be your single source for quality Buffalo (Bison) hides.


Our leather is tanned “naked”, which means that it is quite natural and has a great feel to your hand. The tanning process purposefully does not include stain-resistance or waterproofing because these additives destroy the “hand” of natural leather, making it stiffer and leaving it feeling plasticized.


Hides vary with the individual animal, the time of year the hide was taken, the animal’s age, sex, and maturity. Scars and brands are part of the “story” of your piece. The spine line over the hump of the animal is distinctive. Most buffalo hides come from 2-3 year old animals processed for meat, so they are small and average 30 square feet of leather. Thus large modern sectional furniture items cannot be made from single pieces of leather.

Larger Sizes Available

In addition to the Lace sizes listed below we are able to cut you larger size leather pieces depending on your needs and availability.  If you have plans to make for example a flute bag or other types of leather accents we will cut to your specs.  Currently if you are wanting something larger than are standard lace widths (up to 1″) call (307) 690-0427 or email us @ “”

We Do Not Waste Hides

The hides we purchase to our family represent what is best in North American History both past and current.  The importance of the Buffalo cannot be understated.  It was the life’s blood of an entire people and today the remarkable comeback of the North American Bison is nothing short of miraculous.  Living in the Yellowstone Basin as we do we are very familiar with this amazing beast.  I spend much of my time taking photos of these amazing animals and to see them in their natural habitat is one of Mother Earth’s great gifts.  We also include Buffalo in our diets here at home as did our forefathers.  When it comes to the hides we treat them with reverence and we do our very best to use as much of the hide as possible so like much of our specialty lumber we waste not!

How To Order

When ordering our Bison Lace you will have to select the width and the color on the products page.  The quantity option is where you select the number of feet in length you are wanting to order.  The default is set to “1” so each time you increase the quantity number by 1 you are adding another foot.  For EXAMPLE – if you select the #6 in the quantity field you are ordering 6 feet in length for the width and color you have selected.  If you want to order another color and or widths you simply continue shopping and select your next choice and so on.  If you have questions call or email.

These are Hand Cut!

Every hide is different.  Some are thicker in parts of the hide and every hide varies throughout the hide.  We use our own proprietary cutting tools made here in our shop and we do our very best to come very close to the thickness of lace you are ordering.  It is common that you may need to do some very minor trimming but that is subjective depending on your own personal goals.

Pre-Cut Lace Ready to Ship

Most of our orders for lace are cut at the time of the order.  We try to keep the hides in their natural form which helps us keep the hides in perfect shape and clean.  However depending on the size of orders and hide variations we will choose to pre-cut defined lengths ready to ship.  Pre packaged lengths come in 12 feet in length, and available in 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ widths in all four current colors.  Each bag is enough lace to complete 4-5 flutes depending on how long you cut your fetish ties.

Colors Choices

Currently we offer hides in 4 popular colors

Wyoming Black

Wyoming Mocha

Wyoming Tan

Wyoming Sand

Cost Per Foot (6 foot Minimum) +Shipping




Bison Hide Lace **Popular Sizes

Current Colors
Cost per foot
Black – Sand – Mocha – Tan
Black – Sand – Mocha – Tan
Black – Sand – Mocha – Tan
Black – Sand – Mocha – Tan
Black – Sand – Mocha – Tan
Black – Sand – Mocha – Tan
Black – Sand – Mocha – Tan
Discounts Available for Quantities – Call (307) 690-0427

Bison Hide Corners, Trims, Etc

Trim Color
Wyoming Tan Corner Trim from hand cut hide.
Perfect for flute accents such as fringe, wraps, other trim
Wyoming Tan Corner Trim from hand cut hide.
Perfect for flute accents such as fringe, wraps, other trim
Wyoming Tan Corner Trim from hand cut hide.
Perfect for flute accents such as fringe, wraps, other trim

Pre-Cut Lengths Ready to Ship

Pre-Cut Packaged Leather
3/8″ Wide by 12′ feet – SAVE 8%
1/2″ Wide by 12″ feet – SAVE 8%
3/4″ Wide by 12″ feet – SAVE 8%