Flute Making Supplies

Build Your Own Native American Style Flute…

Are you wanting to build your own flute?  We stock ready to ship pre-bored flute blanks in many configurations and species of wood.  We also stock solid billets and and ready to bore blank sets for those who want to do their own boring of the chambers.  We do our best to match each blank set as much as possible. We spend a great deal of money and time seeking very nice wood stocks for our flutes. Most of our wood comes direct from smaller mills and specialty suppliers. Because of our specs our wood stock lots come in smaller amounts as many times that is all there is for a given moment in time. We seek out old growth, first generation cut stock and in many cases this stock will come from reclaimed sources.

Building your own flute is a journey within reach for everyone who has the ability to use their hands. The Native American Flute is one of the most pleasant sounding and unique wind instruments to play and anyone who has the interest and desire to play can learn. Building your own flute whether it be for personal satisfaction or because you want to build them and sell them to the public is truly a satisfying project.  Not everyone one has the space, time or money to have a complete workshop that allows you to create the supplies you will need to build your own flute.

JacksonHoleTim.com specializes in providing the flute maker with some of the best old growth wood to complete your project. Most all of the wood we use is indigenous to North America, with some exceptions for exotics.  All the leather accents we craft on our flutes come from hand selected Buffalo and Elk hides.  Save yourself some time, money and space by ordering from JacksonHoleTim.com just what you need for your next flute project.

Blank Grading System

Because old growth and old growth reclaimed lumber can vary from board to board we have implemented a grading system here in our shop to help better describe the characteristics of individual blanks and blank packages we sell. The goal is to provide you with some sort of measure as to how we view a individual blank stock.

To keep things simple we have created 4 very simple labels that will help you with selection, in addition to any product descriptions and picture provided. Blank stock that we think is the best of the best will receive the higher mark and price points will be set accordingly. Some of the lumber we know that we have coming in may be the only time we will ever see it in our lifetimes and such they will command the higher grade and price point.  If you have question give us a call.

A-1 – Blanks with this grading will be in our opinion the best of the best. This will include very rare, hard to find wood stock. Exceptional coloring and grain patterns and usually these will be matched blanks sets or render matched sets from a solid blanks or boards.

A – Blanks with this grading will be in our opinion blanks with great flute making characteristics.  Not necessarily one of a kind stock but very very nice old growth timber.  Blanks within this grade may also be book matched or side by side matched from a single board.  Most of our Alaskan Yellow Cedar and our Port Orford Cedar will carry this grading.

B – Blanks with this grading will be very nice blanks that are generally not matched.  Most of the time they will be blanks from the same board but not booked matched sets.

C – Blanks with this grading may have some imperfections such as tight knots, or other blemishes.  This does not mean they are not nice blanks – depending on what your are looking for these imperfections may add just the character you are looking for.

Illustrated Flute Schematics Available

If you are new to the craft of flute building we offer for a small charge of $6.95 three separate schematics that can help you on your journey into crafting your first flute.  These image files are emailed to you after you place your order Online.  We stock a complete line of flute making materials so if you need something and you do not see it on our website give us a call. You can order the Flute Schematics by simply Clicking Here.

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