Texas Juniper, E @432Hz


Texas Juniper – Key of E 432Hz

New six hole Native American Style flute body has just finished being shaped.  Crafted from Old Growth Texas Juniper and is now ready for tuning.   Totem Rails can be added are crafted from Maple. Tuned to the fundamental note of Key of E @ 432Hz.

Flute features  a 1″ inch bore  and a widened Focusing Channel for a fuller overall tone.  This is going to make a beautiful sounding flute with a deeper tone voice.  Overall length is 27 3/4″ inches measured on top.

The playing holes are  laid out for comfort and should fit most peoples hands comfortably.  This flute blank is basically a blank canvas and the buyer can add some of your own bling should you want to.

“Good straight grain Texas Juniper lumber is hard to come by.  Such a naturally beautiful wood and one that produces a wonderful voice.”

Fetish selected will be our Mustang fetish carved from Maple to accentuate the rails.  Ships with a protective bag and leather accents will more than likely be hand cut Bison lace.  If you are interested in this flute we will take a deposit to secure it for you.

Sample of Texas Juniper Flute Here: COMING SOON 

[audio http://www.individualhealth.com/flutefiles/.mp3 ]

Available Now for purchase:

BASE PRICE: Base price is set to $385 PLUS Shipping (lower 48 states).  NO additional accents.  To add additional accents please contact me for pricing.

If you are interested in this Texas Juniper flute  give me a call (307) 690-0427 or email me sales@jacksonholetim.com

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