Sycamore Six Hole NAF Flute Key of F 440Hz

Six hole Native American Style Flute made from old growth Colorado Sycamore.  Tuned to the Key of F, at 440Hz at 6500 foot elevation.  This flute was built with a full 1″ inch bore and measures 24″ long from tip to tip.  Although this a 1 inch bored flute it has a very pleasant mid range tone and it is very easy to play.  Completely hand crafted, this flute features our signature step in front of the windway.  Inlaid into the top of the flute body is a squarish piece of Oregon Picture Jasper, set in a sterling silver bezel.

sycamore_2_1_ebayThe fetish on this flute is of our Otter design and it was crafted from a metal stained piece of Black Walnut stock giving it a very dark chocolate-brown with some black streaked grains.  This happens when the tree grows around a piece of metal such as barbed wire over many years.  The fetish seen here in the pictures is attached with hand cut elk leather that is brown in color.  This flute was completely crafted by hand and finished with more than 25+ coats of semi-gloss lacquer and rubbed to a soft finish. The inside of the flute has been sealed prior to gluing helping with moisture absorption.

Listen to Sound Sample from this flute

Playing holes are average for this mid size flute and they are spaced at 1 1/8″ apart.  Ships with a protective flute bag.  Email us at or call us at (307) 690-0427 with questions…


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