Russian Olive NAF Flute Key of F# 432Hz

Russian Olive NAF Flute – Key of F# 432 Hz – 307 Series

One of my favorite woods to build flutes out of is a wood called Sassafras. I really like the tonal qualities of this wood but it is not very spectacular to look at.  A wood that is similar in its characteristics is Russian Olive wood.  Some people tell us they consider this a junk wood but I suspect this is because there is not a straight branch or trunk in the entire tree making it difficult to work russian_olive_2_1_ebaywith.  I have found a somewhat available source for this species and if I look hard enough for the right piece I can find enough lumber to get a flute blank or two out of it and when I do I am  on my way to a really nice flute.
This six hole flute features a 7/8″ bore and features our Teton Spike fetish design and both the flute body and the fetish block were hand crafted from the same piece of Russian Olive. Unique to some my  flute designs is a hand crafted step just in front of the windway.  This flute was finished with more than 25 hand applied coats of glossy lacquer. This is a very nice playing flute and not so long that you can easily pack it with you when you travel as it measures 23 1/2″ measured on the top.

What I love about this flute is the simple elegance and natural beauty that Mother Nature as instilled into flute.  Voiced in the Teton’s I am humbled by the amazing voice from this little flute.

I have tuned this flute to the healing frequency of  432 Hz making this a very pleasing flute to listen to as well as play.  I have added nothing other that some very humble leather to connect the fetish to the flute body.  The rest of the flute shows off the beautiful grain patterns and contrast that Russian Olive has.  A very nice flute ready for a home.  This flute ships with a protective flute bag.  Stand not included.

Listen to Sound Sample from this flute

If you are interested in this flute email me at or call me at (307) 690-0427 with questions.


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