Russian Olive Entry Level Flute

Russian Olive Key of G @ 440 Hz

This is a really nice little six hole flute hand crafted from a piece of Russian Olive harvested from the Boulder Colorado region.  Russian Olive is kind of tortured wood with virtually no straight branches.  Getting a really nice flute blank from a slab of Russian Olive is no easy task.  This flute blank although crafted from a matched blank set, it is not what I would consider a premier blank set simply because of few minor imperfections.  Having said that I built this flute with idea of making it available at an entry-level price point.

This flute features a 7/8″ bore and it is tuned to G @ 440Hz.  A really nice bright sounding voice and easy to play.  Overall length is 22 7/8″ measured on top.  The playing holes are laid out as follows:  The bottom 3 hole are spaced at 1 1/8″ measure on center and the 3 top holes are spaced at 1 1/16″ on center with 1 1/4″ between the #3 and #4 holes.  The blow-hole is a 3/8″ bore and is approximately 2 3/4″ in length leading into the Slow Air Chamber.  The Stop Block area is approximately 1 1/4″ thick.

The Fetish is my Whimsical Bison also crafted from a piece of Russian Olive and it is attached to the flute with our hand cut Wyoming Brown Elk lace.  The fetish sits on top of a 3/8″ wide Focusing Channel cut into the body of the flute.  The finish is a Semi-Gloss lacquer finish and both inside and outside are finished in the same way.  Overall this is a really nice little flute perfect for the backpack adventure or just playing at home.

I have set the price point to be affordable for those seeking their first flute and yet this is an amazing sounding flute in its own right.  Tuned at 6400 foot elevation and voiced right here in the Teton Range of the Yellowstone Basin.  Ships with its own protective bag.

Russian OIive Sound Clip

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