Red Alaskan Yellow Cedar G 440Hz

Acrylic True Red

This newly completed flute is crafted from Alaskan Yellow Cedar and painted True Red with Acrylic paints and finish with a high gloss lacquer.  Flute features a 7/8″ Bore and is tuned to G at 440 Hz.  The totem and totem rails are crafted from American Maple.  Overall length is 23 1/4″ measured along the top.  Leather accents will be from our hand cut Wyoming Black Bison lace.  This flute was voiced in the Teton Range at 6400 foot elevation.

Final Finishing Stages

This flute is in the last week of it’s finishing stages and is available for purchase now.  Final finish is many many hand applied high gloss lacquer giving this flute a flashing look.

Sound Clip of Big Red…

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