Raven Themed Cedar

Raven Themed NAF FLute Key of F# 440 Hz

Raven_03_DSC0295Recently completed this Raven Themed Flute.  This flute is hand crafted from Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar and features a 1 “inch bore and is tuned to the Key of E @ 440 Hz.  Overall length measures 27 1/2” measure on the top.  The Wind Way area features a Black Walnut inlay for the cutting edge.  The leather accents are hand cut from select Elk Hides including a leather piece that covers the #4 playing hole.  The tassel is black Horse hair and is wrapped in traditional red trade cloth using black sinu.

The flute features a new Raven Theme fetish that has a whimsical appeal.  The fetish is hand crafted from a single piece of Alaskan Yellow Cedar and the bird is hand painted with Black Acrylic paint and finished with a high gloss lacquer.

The beads are a combination of black and red glass Crow Beads and there are 4 sterling silver beads in between the Crow Beads.  We are providing a #4 hole cover for those who may be new to playing the flute and have not plans for using this hole.  This flute features my signature hand cut front step that steps down from the Wind Way area to the bore of the flute.

All in all a very nice flute.   We have added a new sound clip recorded from this flute which has a very nice warm tone.  This is an easy flute to play even though it is on the larger side.   Ships with a protective bag.   I would love to hear feedback on this piece.

Listen to Sound Sample from this flute

Price: SOLD 

This flute design is also available for commission so if you have interest please reach out to me at sales@jacksonholetim.com” or call (307) 690-0427.

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