Port Orford Cedar Six Hole Flute D @440Hz

Port Orford Cedar, Sapodilla Rails & Totem

This 1 inch bore Native American Style Flute is crafted from Old Growth Port Orford Cedar.  This flute is now complete other than some final finish work and final tweaking on the tuning.  This flute is tuned to “D” @ 440 Hz and like all my flutes was voiced here in the Tetons of Wyoming.

I really cannot get enough Port Orford Cedar as it is one of my favorite woods to craft flutes from.  This Port Orford Cedar flute has a very pleasing deeper voice giving it a soothing melody.  The totem rails are crafted from river reclaimed Sapodilla as it the Totem or Fetish itself.  This flute features my signature whimsical mustang.  The Mustang Totem, was crafted out of the same Sapodilla the totem rails are made from.  A stunning yet eloquent flute.

I have added a hand crafted cabochon made from Wyoming harvested Elk Antler.  This cabochon is bezel set in Sterling Silver and inlaid into the body of the flute.

Finished with a High Gloss finish with more than 20 coats applied.  Although this is a fairly large flute the finger holes are positioned with comfort in mind.  This flute like all of our flutes ships with a protective bag as this recent completed flute did below.


Available for Commission

If you are interested reach out to me via email @ Sales@JacksonHoleTim.com or call or text (307) 690-0427.


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