Port Orford Cedar NAF Style Flute Key G 440Hz

Port Orford Cedar – A REALLY Nice Flute

Here in Wyoming we love everything about the Native American Flute.  A very special wind instrument with healing powers some say.  I have just completed this five hole Port Orford Cedar flute.  The working qualities and finished product POC produces always makes us smile.  This little flute is no exception.  This five-hole Native American Style flute is now one of my favorite playing flutes I have produced in recent months.  Completely handcrafted with a 7/8″ bore and tuned to the Key of G @ 440Hz – we love how this flute plays and sounds.  Nothing fancy just simple elegance.

The Otter fetish also crafted from Port Orford Cedar sits atop this flute held in place with our in-house handcut Wyoming Tan Bison Leather.  There are no additional accents to this flute other than we inlaid a black walnut cutting edge for durability. Overall length on this flute is 21 1/2″” measure tip to tip on the top of the flute.  Playing holes are spaced for comfort and the bottom 3 holes are 1 1/8″ on center. The top three are 1 1/16″ on center with a 2″ spacing between the #3 and #4 playing holes.  This little flute is a real joy to play. Signed by artist Timothy Jennings and priced to be affordable.

“This is a very special little flute.  I have had the body laying around the shop for some time.  Nothing special jumped out at me but when I voiced this flute I knew it had some healing powers in it.  My goal is alway to try and create a flute that affordable giving others the opportunity to experience the healing power that this wonderful wind instrument is capable of “

This flute ships with a protective bag and the price is at an entry level price of $185.00 plus freight.  Currently we have several Port Orford Cedar flutes under construction so if you are looking for something different reach out to us.

Listen to Sound Sample From This Flute


Available for Custom Order – email timjen333@gmail.com