Port Orford Cedar Flute Under Construction


Port Orford Cedar – Key of D 440Hz
Under Construction

Just completed to the point of this flute is ready to tune and finish.  Old Growth Port Orford Cedar flute crafted from an exceptional piece of Port Orford Cedar which is very hard to come by any more.  The plan is for a  six-hole Native American Style flute tuned to the Key of D or D# @ 440Hz.  Simple elegance is the goal I was after with this flute blank.

New Sappodilla Rails Glued Ready To Shape
New Sappodilla Rails Glued Ready To Shape

Updated image of POC Flute shaped and ready to tune

Updated image of POC Flute shaped and ready to tune

View from the top of this flute. New rail design is looking good
View from the top of this flute. New rail design is looking good

“it is not often I get a piece of Old Growth Port Orford Cedar to work with.  Barring a large mistake this flute should prove to be one of the nicest POC flutes I have crafted for a while”

The bore in this flute is a 1″ inch bore and sits at 29″ overall length and should be a beautiful sounding flute.  Port Orford is one of my favorite woods to craft from.  I added two Sapodilla Totem rails that should really make this flute pop.  This flute will be built to the point that you can still add some of your own bling should you want to.  Personally I think this flute will be stunning in its own natural way.

The fetish selected is a new design for me and I like it.  Here is a picture of what it will look like only scaled to meet the needs of this flute.

If you have interest in purchasing this flute please reach out to me early.  This page will be updated with progress pictures as they become available.  The flute will ship with a protective bag and the base price on this flute has been set below.  If you are interested in having us complete this flute for you we will take a deposit to secure it for you.

Play Sample of Port Orford Cedar Flute Here: COMING SOON [audio http://www.individualhealth.com/flutefiles/.mp3 ]

Available for purchase 2 Ways:

  1. Purchase as is and complete the flute yourself.  All tuning holes have been laid out and pre-drilled with pilot holes.  You complete the tuning and final touches and finish the flute to your specs.
    PRICE: $165 PLUS $16.95 Shipping (lower 48 states)
  2. We can complete the flute, add any additional accents, tune and finish flute for a higher price point
    BASE PRICE: $285 PLUS $16.95 Shipping (lower 48 states).  NO additional accents.  To add additional accents please contact me for pricing.

Call to purchase this Port Orford Cedar flute (307) 690-0427 or email me.  Available for Custom Order – email timjen333@gmail.com

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