Port Orford Cedar Flute A 440Hz

This Port Orford Cedar flute was crafted with a 7/8″ bore tuned to A @ 440 Hz.  Features added were Sapodilla Totem rails and the fetish/totem was our whimsical Mustang which was promptly named by the new owner as the “Crazy Horse” totem.  Leather accents are our hand cut Bison lace in Wyoming Black.

Designed with a longer Slow Air Chamber and a stop block of 1 1/4″ along with a 2 3/4″ blowhole  helped with the overall aesthetics.   Other additions was the addition of the 4 Winds tuning holes which also give additional length to the overall flute.

Tuning this flute was a challenge as I live in the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of over 6400 feet.  Our humidity is higher than Arizona which is where this flute now calls home.  Finally temperature was another real concern when tuning.  I decided to tune the flute to the flat side of the note with the expectation that when the flute finds its way home to Arizona the lower humidity, lower elevation and higher temperatures the note would play closer to fundamental note of A.  In the end it all worked out just fine.

“I am amazed and grateful for the experience of working with Tim Jennings to create a flute for me. He is quite the flute maker master! His attention to details adds a unique dimension to his flutes – the clarity of sound is amazing. The hand of flute makes it feel alive. And Tim is easy to work with, and truly listens and responds to the customer’s needs. He keeps the customer up to date every step of the way.”

Claudia Cocco
Cave Creek, Arizona

Listen to Sound Sample from this flute


This was an awesome project and can be duplicated.  If you are interested in a Port Orford Cedar flute with this design reach out to me via email “sales@individualhealth.com” or call (307) 690-0427.