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Thanks for stopping by JacksonHoleTim.com.  I have lived in the Yellowstone Basin for more than 20+ years and spent 18 of it in Jackson Hole Wyoming.  Now we live and work just south of Jackson Hole in the beautiful Star Valley in the town of Afton.

Our youngest daughter is a barrel racer and as she continued to gain her competitive advantage it became clear we needed a little more room for our horses and my love of art.  So in late 2017 we moved to the town of Afton Wyoming.  It is here that I decided to open a home gallery to display some of my work.

The Main Street in Afton is part of HWY 89 which is the main route to and from Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and beyond.  We are located just a mile or so west of Main Street so we are easy to find.

I focus just about much of my time crafting flutes for my On Farm Gallery as well as select photographic imagery of our beautiful state.  In addition we also grow herbs on site that you can find in the local Grocery Store or stop by and select some culinary delights for your next meal.

Available Painted Alaskan Yellow Cedar Flute with Maple Rails and Fetish

I have built Native American Style flutes and other Plains Indian influenced art pieces for more then 18 years.  As I approach my retirement years it in my goal to focus on producing more art than work.  Here in my On Farm Shop Store you can stop by and browse my current inventories of available flutes.  If you find one you like you are free to purchase one and take it home with you.

Most of my inventory should be available on our newly designed and retooled website.  What you will find is that our price points are more focused on affordability and I think if you are traveling through our part of the country it would nice to visit with you.

If you would like to visit me here in Wyoming reach out to me with your travel plans and lets see if we can connect.

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