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First a hobby and now a passion.  Crafting your own Native American Style flute is an experience that everyone should try.  Each of us is on our own journey and each of us found the flute in their own way.  Find suitable crafting supplies here ready to ship.

 Graded Blanks


Many of you flute builders may know me when we marketed our products under the website  Last year we made some adjustments to our business model to better focus on the flute and not the lumber business.  We closed to start fresh with this Spring.  During the last few years I created my own grading system to better help my customers define the quality of the flute blanks they were buying.

Because old growth and old growth reclaimed lumber can vary from board to board I have continued with my grading system here in the shop to help better describe the characteristics of individual blanks and blank packages offered.  The goal is to continue to provide you with some sort of measure as to how we view an individual blank stock.

To keep things simple I have created 4 very simple labels that will help you with selection, in addition to any product descriptions and picture provided.  Blank stock that we think is the best of the best will receive the higher mark and price points are set accordingly. Some of the lumber I find may be the only time I will ever see it in my lifetime and such they will command the higher grade and price point.  If you have question give me a call.


A-1 – Blanks with this grading will be in our opinion the best of the best. This will include very rare, hard to find wood stock. Exceptional coloring and grain patterns and usually these will be matched blanks sets or render matched sets from a solid blanks or boards.

A – Blanks with this grading will be in our opinion blanks with great flute making characteristics. Not necessarily one of a kind stock but very very nice old growth timber. Blanks within this grade may also be book matched or side by side matched from a single board. Most of our Alaskan Yellow Cedar and our Port Orford Cedar will carry this grading.

B – Blanks with this grading will be very nice blanks that are generally not matched. Most of the time they will be blanks from the same board but not booked matched sets.

C – Blanks with this grading may have some imperfections such as tight knots, or other blemishes. This does not mean they are not nice blanks – depending on what you are looking for these imperfections may add just the character you are looking for.

3 Blank Options

Option One:

shrinkwraphmblanks_01If you are looking to build your flute from the ground up order one of our basic blank sets.  Each of these blank sets (two halves) typically  measure 1 3/4″ wide, 7/8″ thick and come in 20″, 24″, 28″ or 30″ lengths.  They are planed smooth prior to shipping ready for you to start your flute.  All blanks are shrink wrapped keeping matched halves together.  If you do not have the equipment to cut your blank sets  from rough stock this is a simple, easy and cost-effective way to start.  If you need help laying out your flute shoot us an email to

These blanks require that you have your own shop equipment to prepare them for your build.  Preferred equipment is to have at least a quality Plunge Router and construction of a jig may be needed depending on your skill level.

Option Two:

OGW17_02_lgIf you are looking for a set of blanks that give you the basic foundation of the flutes components already crafted for you order one of our precut blank sets.  These blanks have had the slow air chamber, flute bore and the blow-hole already crafted for you.  Flute bores available in 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″ diameters and we soon offer 1  1/8″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, and small 1/2″ bores.

We create the basis for the focusing channel and the majority of the windway for you. We cut the exit hole from the slow air chamber and the entry hole for the cutting edge.  The majority of the work is done for you and placed in the proper position ready for you to fine tune your windway area.  However you will still be responsible for the fine tuning of the sound hole itself.

Most of our windways are cut 3/8″ wide and the solid block between the Sow Air Chamber and the Beginning of the Flute bore is 1 1/8″ across.  The cutting edge area is 3/8″ wide by 6.24 mm front to back. The cutting edge should end up being about 7 – 8 mm front to back when finished.  These flute blanks are surface on 4 sides so they are ready to glue once you have completed the work in both halves.

With every flute blank order we include three proprietary diagrams to help you with your flute project. One diagram is the general anatomy of a 307 Native American Styled flute and the second diagram is dedicated to the creation of the windway area. These diagrams should be a great help especially to the beginning flute maker.

Option Three:

ayc_glued_1inchbore_x30_1_ebayBeginning the end of March we wills stock a limited supply of fully completed blanks that have been pre-bored to specific bore sizes. Each blank prior to gluing is sanded and sealed in the very same way we seal our custom flutes.  We pre-seal the inside of the flute bore, slow air chamber and blow-hole.  The windway has been constructed for you and the flute blanks have been glued together.  Finally we have made sure the flute plays a base note but we have not determined the fundamental note for any of these blanks.

These partially complete flute blanks are ready for you to find the fundamental base note you want and they are ready for you to lay out your playing holes. Ready to shape and we recommend hand shaping them with a good block plane. There is nothing more satisfying than hand planning your flute to the desired shape. Something you cannon achieve on a lathe.

If you haven ever built a flute from the ground up this might be a good way to start. We ship every flute blanks with three proprietary drawings that are great guides for your to follow. Pricing primarily determined by the wood species the blanks are crafted from. Some of our blanks will feature inlays in the windway area to help achieve both an aesthetic accent and in some cases to strengthen the cutting edge.

Other Flute Builder Supplies

I addition to flute blanks we stock pre-cut Fetish Blanks, hand cut leather lace from bison and elk hides,  various stones and of course fully completed flutes.  Be patient with me as I am building this again from the ground up.  If you do not see something you are looking for call me (307) 690-0427.


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