Black Walnut D# 440 Hz

Six hole flute hand crafted from Old Growth, first generation Black Walnut.  This flute features a 1 inch bore and is tuned to the key of D# at 440 Hz giving this flute a beautiful deep tone.  Overall length of this flute is 27″ and features a unique grain pattern that can be generally found in true old growth wood stocks.  Even though the two halves of this flute were not from a book matched blank set they are from the same board.  This flute is one of my older designs meaning that there is no hand cut step in the Totem area and the mouthpiece is a bit wider.  In some cases I like the wider mouth piece but it really is personal preference.

The playing holes on this flute are spaced as follows:  The bottom three holes are spaced at 1 1/8″ apart on center and the top three holes are spaced at 1 1/16″ apart on center with spacing between the #3 & #4 holes at 1 1/4″ on center.  This is a very comfortable spacing for most flutes and on a flute this large, they make it very easy to play.  The fetish is one of my horse head designs and it was crafted from a single piece of the same Old Growth Walnut board but from a different part of the board.  It is attached by our 1/2″ larger cut leather which we prefer for this fetish.  Leather accents on this flute are hand cut from selected Buffalo hides and the color is considered a coffee brown color.  The end of the lute has a handmade buffalo leather wrap which can be easily removed.

Inlayed into the top of this flute between the #6 playing hole and the cutting edge under the fetish are three 10mm x 14mm Mojave Green Turquoise Cabochons.  All of our turquoise is mined from the Kingman mine in Kingman, Arizona.  Hanging from the front is a leather accent wrap crafted from buffalo.

Finished with more than 25 coats of hand rubbed satin lacquer.  The inside of the flute prior to assembly was also sealed with more than 15 coats of lacquer to help prevent against wetting out.  A nice flute to play but beautiful to look at.  It is really unique because of the wood tones and in fact this is the first flute we have built using these color accent combinations.  This flute will ship like all of our flutes with protective flute bag.

Because this is a six hole flute it will ship with an extra piece of 1/2″ leather that you can use to cover the #4 hole if you wish.  Covering this hole effectively makes it a five hole flute which for many is easier to play this way.  If you like any of these flutes on this page you might want to consider the purchase of a custom buffalo hide bag – see below.

Listen to Sound Sample from this flute

If you are interested in this flute please contact us via email or call (307) -690-0427.

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