American Black Walnut Drone D @444Hz


American Black Walnut Drone – Key of D

Black American Walnut Drone flute with a 1″ inch bore.  Tuned to D @ 444 Hz.   Drone flutes are really cool to play yet they are a quite a bit larger than your normal flute and it takes some time to get used to handling.  The fetish design is our whimsical arrowhead theme.  This fetish also crafted from Black Walnut was craved from a single piece of walnut.  Leather accent lace will be our Wyoming Brown lace.

This is a large flute coming in at 28 1/2″ in overall length and just shy of 3″ in width.  Hole placement is within the same comfortable range as most of the large bore flute I build.  Bottom 3 holes are 1 1/8″ on center with 1 1/4″ between #3 and #4 holes.  Final three holes are set at 1 1/16″ apart on center.

“The walnut used in this flute as best we can tell came across the plains in the mid 1840’s.  Harvested from the Eastern slopes of the Colorado Rockies Walnut trees were brought by wagons along the Oregon Trail and planted around farm houses for the shade and the fruit these large trees produce”

Play Sample of Black Walnut Drone Flute Here: COMING SOON 

[audio ]

$495.00 plus shipping

No additional accents.  To add additional accents please contact me for pricing.  DEPOSIT REQUIRED for changes.

Call to purchase this Black Walnut Drone flute (307) 690-0427 or email me.  This flute is also Available for Custom Order – email