American Cherry NAF Flute Key of D 432 Hz

Old Growth Cherry Wood Flute – D 432Hz

Recently completed, this cherry wood flute is a beauty.  Hand crafted from a single piece of old growth, reclaimed American Cherry, the overall length is 29 7/8″ inches long – this is a big flute. This American Cherry came from an American hand hewn beam estimated to be over 200 year old.

cherry_chakra_2Voiced right here in the Teton’s this 1 inch bore flute has a beautiful deep voice that is sure to sooth your deepest desires.  A six hole flute that features the four winds tuning holes giving this flute its extra overall length.  Our plans for this flute was to make it one of our newest CHAKRA flutes and we are pleased with the results.  This flute features all seven colors that represent the seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body.

We have inlay-ed seven 10 x 14 mm cabochons into the body of the flute.  The seven stones are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.  The fetish on this flute is out Teton Spike design and it was crafted from a single piece of African Cocobolo. This flute was be finished with over 30 coats of hand rubbed lacquer leaving a smooth high-gloss finish that is gentle to the touch.

Every once and a while I craft a flute that comes from a very special place.  The cherry in this flute is estimated to have been cut more than 200 years ago.  This Chakra flute has a healing tone and might just be the one flute you may want to have a custom bison hide flute case made to keep it in.

The tonal quality of this flute is in the lower range and it is very easy to play and very forgiving.  The playing holes are set to be as comfortable as possible for a large flute like this.  The bottom three holes are 1 1/4″ inch apart on center and the top three holes are set at 1 3/16″ on center with a separation of 1 3/8″ between holes #3 & #4.  The number 3 buckskinbisonbag2_ebayhole is mid-point between the cutting edge and the center of the four winds tuning holes. This flute feels really nice in your hands and the color of the reclaimed Cherry gives it a simple elegance.

Cherry does make for a great sounding flute and as you can see from the pictures we have added it has turned out to be a really nice piece of work. The leather accents are crafted from selected hides of Elk and the colors are chocolate brown.  Hanging from the center of the flute is a tuft of sorrel colored horse hair that has been wrapped in a traditional red colored wool cloth, tied using black colored sinu.

Listen to Sound Sample from this flute

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    1. Thank you Barbara… So nice to meet you the other day! Thank you so much for the generous gift! Yes this flute is one of a kind. The wood came from an old 200+year old hand hewn beam…

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