American Ash A# 432Hz…

Ash NAF Flute – Key of A# 432Hz

ash_1_1_ebayThis six hole Native American Styled flute is hand crafted from Old Growth, 1st generation cut American Ash from Colorado.  This flute measures 19 1/2″ long (measured on top) and features a 3/4″ inch bore give this A# a nice bright tone. Completely hand crafted and this flute features our signature step in front of the windway.  Simple in design we have added our Otter fetish block which is crafted from a piece of Wormy Chestnut. Leather accents are hand cut Bison and is Black in color.

ash_2_1_ebayThis flute like all of our flutes has been sealed on the inside of the flute to help against wetting out.  This is a very easy flute to play and it allows you to blow soft or hard and not lose the sound. Tuned to A# at 432Hz at 6500 foot elevation, the 3/4 inch bore gives this flute a very bright voice.

DSC_0098The focusing channel on this flute is a bit narrower than most giving this flute some nice comfortable back pressure. I personally like playing this flute.  If you are looking for a smaller bore flute that you will love to play this is one to consider.  Playing holes are average for this smaller size flute and they are spaced a little closer together at approximately 1 1/16″ apart.  Ships with a protective flute bag.

Listen to Sound Sample from this flute



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