Alaskan Yellow Cedar…


Alaskan Yellow Cedar Key of G# 432Hz

This six hole Native American Styled flute is a great little flute for someone looking for their first flute or one as a reasonable gift.  Although this flute is not fancy it does feature some really nice design elements.  Hand crafted by Artist Timothy Jennings this flute is made from Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar giving it a great voice.

AYC_G#432_03_NORM_WalnutCE_DSC0445The bore on this flute is 3/4″ and the overall length of the flute 21 1/2″ measured on top.  Hole placement is set at 1 1/8″ on center for the bottom 3 holes and the top 3 holes are set a little closed at 1 1/16″.  The space from the #3 hole to the #4 hole is 1 1/4″ making this an easy reach for just about any player.

The windway has an inlay of Black Walnut which also acts as the cutting edge giving some nice contrast in colors.  The fetish is our whimsical Otter design.  This fetish does not feature a chimney which makes it easy to tie on.  Leather accent is hand cut Bison leather in a chocolate brown color.  Bison is very durable and makes for a wonderful leather for fetishes.

This is a very easy to play flute with relatively simple dimensions.  You can play this flute soft or loud and it is small enough to stuff it in a backpack.  Every so often I build a flute with the beginner in mind that maintains a low price point so everyone can own a flute.  This flute is priced with just that in mind.  Ships with a protective flute bag.



Listen to Sound Sample from this flute

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